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  1. Leona O'Neill: We need to stamp out child food poverty now

    in Life

    • Children in Northern Ireland
    • child food poverty
    • Leona O'Neill
    • Children's Future Food Inquiry
    • Family
    • Parenting
  2. Patrick Murphy: Political cook books are all very well but it is investment in education we need

    in Columnists

    • Patrick Murphy
    • column
    • Gerry Adams
    • Cookbook
    • education
  3. Poor children in north falling behind before starting school, study shows

    in Education news

    • Save the Children
    • study of school children
    • Peter Bryson
    • school performance
  4. Child poverty link to cancer, research says

    in Family&Parenting

    • Childhood cancer
    • child health
    • medical research
  5. Report: Fear of increase in child poverty in NI

    in News

    • Koulla Yiasouma
    • United Nations
  6. Rise in children living in poverty in the north

    in News

    • poverty
    • British government
    • Megan Fearon
    • Fearon
    • children