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  1. Experts gather to discuss overhaul of system to help child victims of sexual offences

    in Northern Ireland news

    • Sir John Gillen
    • Koulla Yiasouma
    • sexual offences
    • Bragi Guðbrandsson
  2. Government 'more concerned with cutting RHI subsidies than helping abuse victims'

    in Northern Ireland news

    • Secretary of State Karen Bradley
    • RHI
    • institutional abuse
  3. Child abuse images circulated on encrypted apps, report claims

    in Technology

    • technology
    • Telegram
    • UK
    • Discord
    • Online Safety
    • PA
    • story
  4. Scientists aim to use database of hand photos to catch child abusers

    in Science

    • science
    • crime
    • Hands
    • UK
    • fingerprnts
    • Lancaster University
    • Sue Black
    • PA
    • story
  5. Anne Hailes: 'Childhood sexual abuse by my brother has made my life a nightmare'

    in Life

    • Anne Hailes
    • Coercion
    • child sex abuse
    • Lifeline
  6. Mary Meehan - brave victim who told her story to help others

    in News

    • Mary Meehan
    • Briege Meehan
  7. Names of members of Catholic Church in Ireland convicted of child abuse published online

    in News

    • Catholic Church
    • BishopAccountabilty
    • Ireland
  8. Daniel Curran: Former priest pleads guilty to child abuse charge

    in Northern Ireland news

    • Daniel Curran
    • newcastle
    • Bryansford Avenue
  9. Abuse victim seeks to change compensation loophole

    in Northern Ireland news

    • Mary Meehan
    • Briege Meehan
    • Martin Meehan
  10. 'I feel like I'm being abused all over again'

    in Northern Ireland news

    • Mary Meehan
    • briege meehan
    • High Court
  11. Growing realisation of child abuse problem in Northern Ireland

    in State Papers

    • department of health
    • Dr Fred Brown
    • Dr Eithne O'Gorman
  12. Disgraceful attack in Derry's Bogside

    in Leading article

    • Gartan Square
    • Derry city
  13. Abuse victims told no financial compensation for at least another 10 months

    in Northern Ireland news

    • historial institutional abuse
    • compensation
    • Margaret McGuckin
  14. Child abuse survivors in Stormont march for justice

    in Northern Ireland news

    • historical abuse inquiry
    • Margaret McGuckin
    • Michelle O'Neill
    • Robin Swann
    • Chris Lyttle
    • stormont
  15. Former Northern Ireland footballer Mark Williams ‘abused by paedophile coach'

    in Northern Ireland news

    • Mark Williams
    • Barry Bennell
    • Northern Ireland footballer
    • Crewe Alexandra