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  1. Schoolgirl 'taken from class' by police over abortion pills, court hears

    in Northern Ireland news

    • Abortion pills
    • Amnesty Internation
    • judicial review
    • Bernie Smyth
    • Grainne Teggart
    • High Court
  2. Pro-lifers urged to undertake three-day bread and water fast

    in News

    • Human Life International
    • HLI
    • pro-life
  3. Campaigners welcome MPs' support for equal rights monitoring in Northern Ireland

    in Northern Ireland news

    • House of Commons
    • Stella Creasy
    • Labour
    • northern ireland
  4. Sarah Ewart wins court permission to challenge Northern Ireland's abortion laws

    in Northern Ireland news

    • fatal foetal abnormality
    • Sarah Ewart
    • Grainne Teggart
    • Darragh Mackin
    • High Court
  5. DUP's insistence that north remains lock-stepped with Britain fails to stand up to scrutiny

    in Northern Ireland news

    • Integrity of the UK
    • border in the Irish Sea
    • same sex marriage
  6. Inquiry to examine if British government responsible for Northern Ireland abortion law reform

    in Northern Ireland news

    • The Women and Equalities Committee
    • Grainne Teggart
    • Maria Miller
  7. Doctors question if Republic's health service will be ready for abortions by January 2019

    in Republic of Ireland news

    • Republic of Ireland
    • abortion amendment
    • repeal of eighth amendment
  8. Sinn Féin and pro-life groups meet ahead of civil rights march

    in Northern Ireland news

    • Sinn Féin
    • Francie Molloy
    • Civil Rights