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  1. What does the run up to Christmas tell us about the economy?

    in Business

    • Naomi McMullan
    • Glyn Roberts
    • NIIRTA
    • Andrew Webb
    • Belfast City Centre Management
  2. Dealing with conflict at work

    in Business

    • profit margin
    • Naomi McMullan
    • conflict at work
    • Amy Gallo
    • consumer council
    • water bills
  3. Why business planning can be a real family affair

    in Business

    • Naomi McMullan
    • Harbinson Mulholland
    • family businesses
  4. The future of work - where will the jobs come from?

    in Business

    • Naomi McMullan
    • Women in Business
  5. Does the Northern Ireland software industry need its own representative body?

    in The Profit Margin Podcast

    • trade body
    • software industry
    • Digital DNA
    • Manufacturing NI