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  1. Concerns voiced over vital Brexit research after think tank funding dries up

    in News

    • Centre for Cross Border Studies
    • Micheal Martin
  2. James Brokenshire: Continuing to pay MLAs may not be 'justified'

    in Northern Ireland news

    • James Brokenshire
    • MLAs
    • MLAs pay
    • Secretary of State
  3. British dismissal of Simon Coveney unhelpful sign

    in Leading article

    • Editorial
    • joint authority
    • Stormont
    • Good Friday Agreement
    • Theresa May
  4. British government says no joint authority in north

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    • James Brokenshire
  5. Brokenshire to meet with parties to kickstart talks process

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    • James Brokenshire
    • Stormont House talks
  6. Coveney: North should stay in customs union after Brexit

    in Brexit

    • Irish foreign affairs
    • customs union
    • Brexit Northern Ireland
    • northern ireland
  7. Northerners reassured over public services card requirement for passports

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    • Department of Foreign Affairs
    • Public services card
    • Irish passports
  8. Fresh round of Stormont talks on agenda as James Brokenshire travels to Dublin

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    • Stormont Talks
    • James Brokenshire
    • Sinn Féin
    • DUP
  9. Talks come to crunch ahead of Thursday's assembly sitting

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    • Stormont Talks
    • DUP
    • Sinn Féin
  10. Simon Coveney: Cork TD announced as new foreign affairs minister

    in Republic of Ireland news

    • Cork TD
    • foreign affairs minister
    • Fine Gael deputy
  11. Deaglán de Bréadún: Sinn Féin can learn from open leadership contests

    in Columnists

    • Deaglán de Bréadún
    • leo varadkar
    • Fine Gael