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  1. Casino gunman a gambling addict deep in debt say Manila police

    in World news

    • Manila
    • Casino attack
    • Jesse Carlos
  2. Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte denounces Chelsea Clinton over army rapes

    in World news

    • Philippine leader
    • Philippine president
    • Chelsea Clinton rapes
  3. Liam Fox's visit to the Philippines has been met with some serious criticism

    in Daily

    • News
    • human rights
    • Liam Fox
    • Philippines
    • Saudi Arabia
  4. Philippines president: I'd be "happy to slaughter" 3m addicts

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    • Duterte
    • Philippines
    • Filipino
    • drugs
    • president
    • Holocaust
    • Hitler
    • murder
  5. Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte regrets remark he made about Barack Obama

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    • Philippines presidential election
    • Barack Obama
    • US president
    • son of a bitch
  6. Rodrigo Duterte, the ‘Filipino Trump', tops presidential election polls in Philippines

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    • Philippines presidential election
    • Filipino donald Trump