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  1. George Hamilton accuses Mary Lou McDonald of "poor leadership" over successor remarks

    in Northern Ireland news

    • George Hamilton
    • Disclosure
    • Gerry Kelly
    • Policing Board
    • Mary Lou McDonald
  2. Police appeal of 'Hooded men' case to be heard

    in News

    • Hooded Men
    • Court of Appeal
    • Amnesty International
  3. Chief Constable George Hamilton's letter in response to call for Glenanne Gang inquiry

    in News

    • Chief Constable Geroge Hamilton
    • Glenanne Gang
    • George Hamilton
  4. At least four police personnel involved in Twitter troll accounts

    in News

    • twitter
    • Police Ombudsman
    • Kevin Winters
  5. Hugh Orde: Theresa Villiers has ‘her head stuck in a peat bog' on border control

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    • Hugh Orde
    • Theresa Villiers
    • border controls
    • NIO
  6. 'Ireland has lost a hero' - tributes to slain garda

    in Republic of Ireland news

    • Michael D Higgins
    • Gerry Adams
    • Sinn Féin
    • Micheal Martin
    • Fianna Fáil
    • Fianna fail Micheal Martin
    • PSNI
    • George Hamilton
    • Garda Representative Association
    • Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors
    • Tony Golden
  7. Unionist parties seek urgent talks with Villiers

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    • Kevin McGuigan
    • George Hamilton
    • Provisional IRA
    • Sinn Féin