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  1. President Michael D Higgins commemorates centenary of first sitting of Dáil Éireann

    in Republic of Ireland news

    • D?l ?reann
    • centenary
    • Michael D Higgins
    • President of Ireland
    • Irish parliament
  2. Campaigners call for mass protest against Irish government policies on homelessness problem

    in Republic of Ireland news

    • The National Homeless and Housing Coalition
    • Fr Peter McVerry
  3. Dame Vivienne Westwood backs Green Party as 'only opposition' in the General Election

    in Entertainment

    • Beacon Awards
    • Climate change
    • Dame Vivienne Westwood
    • Ecotricity
    • environment politics
    • general elections
    • Green Party
    • London Fashion Week
  4. Gerry Adams: There will be Orange parades in a united Ireland

    in News

    • Gerry Adams
    • Sinn Féin
    • United Ireland
    • Orange Order