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  1. Irish passport amongst top-ranking in world for `visa-free' travel

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    • irish Passport Office
    • Simon Coveney
    • Common Travel Area
  2. Significant surge in Irish passport applications

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    • brexit
    • EU referendum
    • leo varadkar
    • irish Passport Office
  3. Northerners reassured over public services card requirement for passports

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    • Simon Coveney
    • Department of Foreign Affairs
    • Public services card
  4. Irish passports from Britian-based applicants up 70 per cent in last year

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    • British applications for Irish passports Brexit
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  5. Sinead Bradley welcomes online Irish passport renewal service

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    • Sinead Bradley
    • PJ Bradley
    • online renewal service
  6. Demand for Irish passports reaches record high

    in Northern Ireland news

    • brexit
    • Charlie flanagan
    • Britain
    • EU
    • European Union
  7. Demand for birth certificates for Irish passport applications soar

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    • General Register Office
    • Belfast
    • Birth certificates
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    • Oxford House
    • irish Passport Office
  8. Surge of interest in Irish passports after Brexit vote

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    • Kennedy Centre post office
    • Jim Mcafferty