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  1. Arts Q&A: Ian McElhinney on Bob Marley, Charles Dickens and Game of Thrones

    in Arts

    • Game of Thrones
    • Bob Marley
    • Ian McElhinney
    • Queen
    • Charles Dickens
  2. Review: Dan Gordon's one-man Frank Carson play is a cracker

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    • Rebel Without A Pause
    • Lyric Theatre
    • Anne Hailes
    • Drama review
  3. Dan Gordon: 'I've got Frank Carson's comedy DNA' – I can't shut up

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    • Dan Gordon
    • Lyric Theatre
    • Lyric Belfast
  4. Arts Q&A: Brendan Grace on Daniel O'Donnell, Frank Carson and Guinness

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    • Brendan Grace
    • Daniel O'Donnell
    • U2
  5. Frank Carson's ‘war hero' nephew dies suddenly

    in News

    • Breen Carson
    • Patrick Carson
    • Ontario
    • Canada