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  1. Independent inquiry panel to be established to review recall of neurology patients by Belfast Trust

    in News

    • Brett Lockhart QC
    • Dr Watt
    • Independent Inquiry Panel
  2. 'What if I don't have MS and have been taking the wrong drugs all this time?'

    in Northern Ireland news

    • MS
    • Deirdre Walford
    • patient recall
    • multiple sclerosis
  3. Who is Dr Michael Watt?

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    • neurologist
    • Ulster Independent Clinic
    • Hillsborough Private Clinic
    • patient recall
  4. Patient recall in Belfast Trust is not the only one in recent years

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    • Prof Philip Lamey
    • patient recall
  5. Neurology recall is a worrying development

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    • Editorial
    • recall
    • Neurology
    • Belfast Trust
  6. 'Answers needed' following news of patient recall

    in Healthcare news

    • Neurology
    • patient recall
    • Roy Beggs