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  1. British government urged to repeal block to abortion reform in north

    in UK News

    • abortion
    • Offences against the Persons Act 1861
  2. Abortion row: Ian Paisley challenged over claims priest is urging people to vote DUP

    in News

    • Ian Paisley Jr
    • abortion
    • pro-life
    • pro-choice
  3. William Scholes: Foster won't change anyone's mind about the Union

    in Columnists

    • William Scholes
    • Policy Exchange
    • The Union
    • DUP
  4. Fionnuala O Connor: Level of moderate nationalist antipathy towards Arlene Foster is remarkable

    in Columnists

    • Fionnuala O Connor
    • column
    • DUP
    • Sammy Wilson
    • Border
    • brexit
  5. Alex Kane: West Tyrone poll shows Sinn Féin and DUP are as strong as ever

    in Columnists

    • Alex Kane
    • column
    • West Tyrone
    • by election
    • michelle o'neill