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  1. Action Mental Health invites you to a Great Big Purple Picnic

    in Health

    • mental health
    • Great Big Purple Picnic
  2. Born to run: 60-year-old beats his own 300 marathons in 300 weeks target

    in Life

    • Extreme running
    • Endurance racing
    • amh
    • Marathon running
  3. Ulster University gets behind student mental health initiative

    in Education news

    • mental health
    • Mind Your Mood
    • Aware NI
  4. New mental health initiative for primary school children launched

    in Education news

    • Healthy Me
    • schools
    • children
    • education
  5. Libraries good for the mind in more ways than one

    in Life

    • NI Libraries
    • amh
    • Health in Mind
    • Julie Russell
  6. North's first mental health summit to hear calls for Stormont action

    in Life

    • David Babington
    • Mental Health Summit
    • Stormont Executive
    • mental health
  7. Mental health funding slashed report warns

    in News

    • mental health
    • funding
  8. Mindful management is the answer to stress

    in Life

    • wellbeing
    • Andreas Lubitz
    • Dr Tim Stevenson