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VAR has limited appeal in dealing with soccer's challenges

Kenny Archer
HAVE you heard the one about the South African, the Barbadian, the New Zealander, and the Irishman? With an Aussie coach… Or the old one about how an England team winning the World Cup in a less popular sport is going to turn millions of kids away from soccer? (Turn back to my 2003 columns collection for another version of that rib-tickler).

Brendan Crossan: Still many hurdles to jump for GAA's tier two to get buy-in

Brendan Crossan - The Boot Room
IN the aftermath of Castlebar where only four measly minutes of stoppage-time were applied, where Mayo players were dropping like flies in the second half clutching their heads, and the ‘unfortunate’ breakages in play that it inspired, you would have thought there were more pressing issues on the mind of the GAA President John Horan than banning passes to goalkeepers.

Brendan Crossan: Malachy O'Rourke's contribution to Monaghan football will glow for generations

Brendan Crossan - The Boot Room
WHEN I read Andy McEntee threatened to take the head off a reporter’s shoulders for asking a fairly legitimate question on club player availability following Meath’s Leinster final humiliation at the hands of Dublin last Sunday, the first person I thought of was Malachy O’Rourke.