Hurling and camogie

Antrim will be happy with home comforts

Antrim will have home advantage against both Kerry and Westmeath in next year's NHL Division 2A.

AFTER getting the feel for rubbing shoulders with the great and the good last year, there's a more sobering look about Antrim's fixture list for next year's National Hurling League.

Having played Galway, Dublin and Limerick last spring, they kick off next year against Kerry in a league that contains Westmeath, Meath, Mayo and London.

But they will at least be happy with the way the fixtures have panned out, with both Kerry and Westmeath – expected to be their two key rivals for promotion – having to travel north. The Saffrons will also finish with a home game against London.

At the top end, All-Ireland champions Limerick will begin their year against Wexford, while Tipperary and Clare open the show with a derby on Saturday night, January 26.

Deposed champions Galway remain in Division 1B for a third year and their final-day meeting with Waterford, even from this far out, seems likely to decide promotion.

Derry, Donegal and Down all retained their places in Division 2B, with Derry and Down meeting in the opener, while Armagh, Monaghan and Tyrone will all face on in 3A.

Fermanagh and Cavan will play on the final day in Division 3B.


Saturday, January 26

Division 1A (7pm): Tipperary v Clare

Division 1B (7pm): Dublin v Carlow

Division 2B (2pm): Warwickshire v Wicklow

Sunday, January 27

Division 1A (2pm): Kilkenny v Cork, Wexford v Limerick

Division 1B (2pm): Waterford v Offaly; (TBC): Galway v Laois

Division 2A (2pm): Mayo v Meath, Westmeath v London; (TBC): Antrim v Kerry

Division 2B (2pm): Donegal v Kildare, Down v Derry

Division 3A (2pm): Lancashire v Tyrone; (TBC): Louth v Roscommon, Monaghan v Armagh

Division 3B (2pm): Cavan v Leitrim, Sligo v Fermanagh

Saturday, February 2

Division 1A (7pm): Limerick v Tipperary

Sunday, January 27

Division 1A (2pm): Clare v Kilkenny, Cork v Wexford

Division 1B (2pm): Carlow v Galway, Laois v Waterford, Offaly v Dublin

Division 2A (2pm): Kerry v Westmeath, London v Mayo, Meath v Antrim

Division 2B (2pm): Kildare v Warwickshire; (TBC): Derry v Donegal, Wicklow v Down

Division 3A (TBC): Armagh v Lancashire, Roscommon v Monaghan, Tyrone v Louth

Division 3B (2pm): Fermanagh v Longford, Leitrim v Sligo

Saturday, February 16

Division 1A (7pm): Cork v Clare

Division 1B (7pm): Laois v Offaly, Waterford v Carlow

Sunday, February 17

Division 1A (2pm): Kilkenny v Limerick, Wexford v Tipperary

Division 1B (2pm): Galway v Dublin

Division 2A (2pm): Antrim v Westmeath, Kerry v Mayo, Meath v London

Division 2B (2pm): Donegal v Wicklow, Kildare v Derry, Warwickshire v Down

Division 3A (2pm): Armagh v Roscommon, Lancashire v Louth, Tyrone v Monaghan

Division 3B (2pm): Longford v Leitrim, Sligo v Cavan

Sunday, February 24

Division 1A (2pm): Clare v Wexford, Tipperary v Kilkenny; (TBC): Limerick v Cork

Division 1B (2pm): Carlow v Laois, Dublin v Waterford; (TBC): Offaly v Galway

Division 2A (2pm): London v Kerry, Mayo v Antrim, Westmeath v Meath

Division 2B (2pm): Down v Donegal, Warwickshire v Derry, Wicklow v Kildare

Division 3A (2pm): Monaghan v Lancashire, Roscommon v Tyrone; (TBC): Louth v Armagh

Division 3B (2pm): Leitrim v Fermanagh; (TBC): Cavan v Longford

Sunday, March 3

Division 1A (2pm): Clare v Limerick, Cork v Tipperary, Wexford v Kilkenny

Division 1B (2pm): Carlow v Offaly, Dublin v Laois, Waterford v Galway

Division 2A (1pm): Antrim v London, Kerry v Meath, Westmeath v Mayo

Division 2B (1pm): Derry v Wicklow, Donegal v Warwickshire, Kildare v Down

Division 3A (1pm): Lancashire v Roscommon, Louth v Monaghan, Tyrone v Armagh

Division 3B (1pm): Fermanagh v Cavan, Longford v Sligo

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Hurling and camogie

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