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A rundown on how Congress voted on the key motions

GAA director-general Paraic Duffy speaking during the 2017 GAA Annual Congress at Croke Park in Dublin. Picture by Ray McManus/Sportsfile.
Cahair O'Kane

Motion 1: A new rule prohibiting players, team management, or match officials involved in a game from betting on the outcome of any aspect of the game concerned. Punishment ranges from an 8-week ban to disbarment. Passed (99%)

Motion 2: The GPA will be able to put forward a motion to future Congresses. Passed (69%)

Motion 3: The Christy Ring Cup champions will compete in the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Qualifiers in the same year they win the Christy Ring Cup. Will be introduced this year. Passed (95%)

Motion 4: The super eight round-robin quarter-finals, on a three-year trial. Motions from Laois and Carlow with their own ideas for restructure were both rejected first. Passed (76%)

Motion 5: All-Ireland finals to be brought forward to August. Passed (78%)

Motion 6: Abolishment of replays with the exception of provincial and All-Ireland replays. Games will still go to a replay if the teams are still level after extra-time. Passed (91%)

Motions 7-23: The ‘tidying up' motions dealing largely with rewording rules were passed en-bloc. (96%)

Motion 24

Motion 27: The winners of the Nicky Rackard and Lory Meagher Cups will automatically be promoted without the need for a playoff. Passed (99%)

Motion 28: Galway sought entry to the Leinster minor, u21 and intermediate hurling Championships, but withdrew the motion amid a promise of discussions with the GAA and Leinster Council in the near future.

Motion 29: To make the All-Ireland U-21 Hurling Championship an under-20 competition instead. Rejected (44%)

Motion 31: The Ulster Council proposed this, and will now be allowed to begin their Minor Provincial Championships later than May 1. Passed (88%)

Motion 33: Match officials can wear approved sponsorship on everything barring their match-day jersey and shorts. Passed (84%)

Motion 36: The majority required to change a rule at Congress is reduced from two-thirds (66.6%) to three-fifths (60%). Passed (70%)

Motion 41: The Club Players Association to be recognised as the official representative body for club players. Withdrawn because of an obvious lack of support from the floor.

Motion 42: The number of players who can play for an inter-county hurling team under Special Eligibility Provisions is reduced from five to three. Passed (89%)

Motion 45: Much debated, would have allowed 17-year-olds to play in adult club competitions. Those who spoke for it eschewed the difficulties for rural clubs of fielding; those against spoke of undoing a decision made on the basis of the Minor Review Committee. Rejected (41%)

Motion 52: An attempt to reduce the '13-day rule' to 11 days, and 17 instead of 21 in the case of an All-Ireland final. Dermot Earley spoke against this. Rejected (45%)

Motion 53: Carlow wanted clubs whose second or third teams win their respective intermediate or junior Championship to be allowed to represent the county in the provincial championship. Rejected (21%)

Motion 54: Put by Clare, they wanted to bring competitiveness back to U12 and U13 football instead of the Go Games format. The ambiguity in its wording, once highlighted by Páraic Duffy, led to it being crushed. Rejected (6%)

Motion 56: That under-12s sent off for category 3 and 4 offences would only miss the remainder of the game. Tipperary said it was to protect the children but the final speaker of the day slapped it down, saying “we'll protect the rest of the children.” Unsurprisingly withdrawn after that.

GAA Football

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