GAA Football

Pat has his faith restored

Ryan McCann

Those who watched yesterday's All-Ireland semi-final clash between Dublin and Kerry were unquestionably treated to a marvellous footballing spectacle.

Midway through the game, Twitter was buzzing. People were already hailing it as the game of the decade. And who could argue? six goals and 29 points were accumulated between the two sides and for 70 minutes, negativity, tactical fouling, sweepers and blanket defences were a thing of the past. It was refreshing. And exciting.

At half-time, it was Kerry, and Colm Cooper in particular, who were drawing praise and adoration from RTe's pundits. Pat spillane was overjoyed at the performances of both sides and the genius of 'The Gooch'. "That 35 minutes, or 37 minutes, have redeemed my faith in gaelic football because it has been a brilliant exhibition of what the game of gaelic football is about. "This was a game, gaelic football I mean, that has been hijacked in the last 10 years by defensive minded, negative coaches, where it was all about stopping the opposition by fouling," said spillane. "Last week we saw it with James horan and today we have seen a footballing philosophy where it is all about attacking. "This is what players want and this is what spectators want. And just to look at the Gooch and his vision, some of his kickpassing has been brilliant."

Colm o'Rourke was also enthused by the free-flowing nature of the game. o'Rourke also predicted a Dublin fightback in the second half and the Meath man's forecast was spot-on. "some of the kickpassing in the first half by Kerry in the first 20 minutes is better than I have ever seen before. But I think Dublin will be happy enough. They have been hit by hammer blows. It's sort of like getting hit by Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. They have staggered but they are not down and I think they are going to come back in this second half," said o'Rourke.

If a game is good enough to restore Pat spillane's faith in football then it's definitely good enough for us.

Joe Brolly, who was uncharacteristically restrained yesterday, said the game was a "true privilege" to experience. When a game of football can reduce Joe Brolly to niceties, we must have experienced something special.

GAA Football

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