In The Irish News - Apr 14 1998: Derry ace Emmett McKeever injury doubt for Ulster Championship

Loup's Declan McVey tries to escape the close attentions of Dungiven's Stephen McGuigan and Emmett McKeever at Celtic Park during the Derry SFC Final.
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BACK injury has left Derry corner-back Emmett McKeever’s participation in this year’s Ulster Championship in doubt.

McKeever, who captained Dungiven to the Ulster Club title during the winter, has a disc problem which has restricted his recent football endeavours to a couple of club games.

He hasn’t trained with the Derry squad since last summer and admitted yesterday that he hasn’t spoken with the county management for several months.

McKeever visited a specialist at the Roe Valley Hospital recently but the medic was unable to shed any light on the injury or how long it will take for the problem to be resolved.

The only advice he received was to rest for a number of weeks in the hope the injury may heal.

He said: “At this stage I don’t know how long it’s going to take for this to be sorted out.

“Maybe I’ll try and do a bit of training myself but I’ve been out so long now, I’m not sure if they’ll want me back for this summer anyway.”


U17 Compromise Rules Tour: Ulster Selection 0-2-4 (10) Australian Rules U17 3-8-18 (60)

AN Ulster selection received a very heavy defeat from the touring Australian Rules Under 17 side at Silverbridge last night.

In a game that was played in very cold conditions with several hailstone showers making it even more unpleasant.

The tourists used 44 players throughout the match which made it very hard for the good crowd and the local press to ascertain just who had come on and who had gone off.

It was amazing to see the professional approach by the Australians both at management and coaching levels.

They used a “runner” who was constantly on the pitch making changes and coaching the players while the management team on the side line had a large clip board working out tactics throughout the game.

In order to keep their players as warm as possible in the near arctic conditions the substitutes were kept wrapped in blankets until they made their entry onto the pitch.

While the Ulster side were well beaten by a 50 point margin they nevertheless displayed some good tactics.

But it was only late in the game that they were able to match the winners in fielding, marking and the quick free.

Ulster played their best football in the first quarter when they confined the Australians to one over from Ken McGregor with Brendan McBrian and Liam O’Hare scoring one point each to leave the visitors ahead by 0- 3 to 0-2 at the end of the first quarter.

The Ulster scorer in this quarter was again Liam O’Hare, who was the home side’s main attacking threat.


FORMER Wimbledon champion Pat Cash has slammed tennis tournament officials for forcing him out of the game.

The Australian player said although he was out of the picture for a while through illness he should not be forgotten about.

“There are very few players out there on the circuit at the moment who can have a better record than me and yet I couldn’t even get into a tournament, or even get a wild card,” he told LBC 1152AM.

“It really is like a communist scheme. I’ve proven what I’ve done. I’ve got the ability to do well. Just give me a shot.”

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