Not so fair Verona come down heavy on fan

Paul McConville

YOU know the craic yourself. You've just rolled out of bed and have to run little Chardonnay and Tyler to school and you only have time to throw your dressing gown over you PJs. Or you need to nip down to the 24-hour Tesco at half eleven for a bottle of milk and you just shove the aul' slippers on.

Well one fan of Italian Serie B side Hellas Verona must have been in a big hurry when he pitched up at his side's match against Avellino wearing his dressing gown. Unfortunately for him, the club took a dim of his attire and have banned him from future games.

The fan was decked out in his swimming trunks and flip-flops underneath the gown – a get-up the club deemed to be "inappropriate clothing".

But it wasn't the first time said spectator got himself in hot water over his chosen attire. He watched the team's game with Salernitana last month wearing ski gear. It seems the authorities at Verona thought it was snow joke were well and truly piste off with his latest antics and he has now been left to slope off in disgrace.

It comes only days after former Sunderland striker Asamoah Gyan was one of dozens of footballers deemed to have 'unethical hair' by football authorities in the UAE. Gyan is playing for Al Ahli and has part of his head shaved on one side, something which goes against some Islamic teachings. If that is deemed unethical, then Robbie Savage belongs in The Hague going by some of the barnets he sported over the years.

TEAMS will do anything to get the edge these days, especially when they're sliding towards the wrong end of the Premier League.

Bournemouth have stepped things up this week with the latest innovation in pre-match preparation by making their players wear orange glasses before they go to sleep.

We're not talking those flimsy 3D specs you used to get in a packet of cornflakes here.

The club's head of sport medicine (they'll all be wanting one next) revealed that the orange specs help filter out blue light which comes from mobile phones, tablets and televisions and, in turn, lead to a better night's sleep.

Considering former Liverpool goalkeeper David James once blamed a late-night Playstation session on a poor performance the following day, it's certainly something which could be of benefit.

But throwing on a pair of orange glasses is probably what many footballers would do before hitting the clubs at night.

Now the Cherries players will be cooped up in bed looking like something out of Battle of the Planets (ask your parents).

Of course such eyewear wouldn't really be needed in this part of the world as there are already a fair few people who view things through orange-tinted specs.


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