Greyhound racing: Christmas Box final at Drumbo, double dogs and horse racing action at Dundalk


The final meeting of the 2016 season takes place tonight at Drumbo Park with 12 races on show for patrons. Top race of the night is Race 7 The Christmas Box S2 335 with not much separating all the finalists on the watch.
Race 7 The Christmas Box S2 335 Final

T1: Qualified behind Snow, facing out close home. Must come away to succeed 7/2

T2: Finished well to make the decider and no easy task in bid for gold medal 7/2

T3: Came home strong but lacks the early dash. If handy, will go close 3/1

T4: Nice display in semi-finals, showing early dash. Big chance if breaking 2/1

T5: Perfect piece of running last week and the one to beat on the watch 6/4

T6: Stuck on gamely behind Brae and fair chance of a medal. Trio bet 3/1

Selections: Win/Place:5 Reverse Forecast:5-4 Trio Always:5-4-6

1st  Race: 335 Yrds

Welcome To Drumbo Park Novice 335 Grade: N1

Wilhelmina Mac


Uppa Murph


Dudleys Forever

Kenzies Spark

2nd  Race: 335 Yrds

Try A Forecast 335 Grade: S8

Split The Sop

Edenvale Tala

Ballyeglish Boy

Shes The Dream

Cryin Marie

Olwinn Queen

3rd  Race: 335 Yrds

Try A Trio 335 Grade: S7


Leathems Gem

Drumna Breeze

Amazing Ella

Meenagh Mourinho

Mystical World

4th Race: 335 Yrds

Drumbo Park Jackpot (Pick 7) Starts Now 335 Grade: S6

Take On Becky

Camlin Hawk

Kenzies Girl

Lissane Impact

Leathems Bolt


5th Race: 525 Yrds

Drumbo Punters Pack Puppy A3 525 Grade: A3

Santro Rico

Farloe Khan

Samba Rio

Giorni Dispari

Miss Stiletto

Drumcrow Nina

6th Race: 335 Yrds

Drumbopark.Com S5 335 Grade: S5

Search Where

Scruffs Tylier

Tuan Blaze

Edenvale Travis

Springmount Brez

Brockagh Duke

7th Race: 335 Yrds

The Christmas Box S2 335 Final Grade: S0


Howya Daisy

Black Hollow

Bens Brae

Tullyrusk Snow

Meadows Gold

8th Race: 525 Yrds

Buy A Drumbo Gift Card For Christmas A5 525 Grade: A5

Micks The Man

Stocks Rocks

Quivers Buster

Tunnell Tam

Rafas Wee Bull

Crucial Heidi

9th Race: 335 Yrds

The Upcoming Events S4 335 Grade: S4

Alex May Star

Patchys Joanne

Razmataz Mtoto

Meenagh Angel

Good Victory

Dance Vogue

10th Race: 335 Yrds

Happy Birthday Anthony S0 335 Grade: S0

Burrendale Tony

Melodic Lady

Swift Enda

Briggs Buoy

Yonder Blue

Brockagh Ciara

11th Race: 525 Yrds

Book Online @ Drumbopark.Com A4 525 Grade: A4

Santro Rose

Sourhill Gold

Ballylinan Miss

Make It Up

Arabian Fairy

Time To Please

12th Race: 525 Yrds

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year A3 525 Grade: A3

I Moment

Drumcrow Blitz

Across The Bay


Kilvil Robin

Mays Seabird

Floating Reserves

Generous Fudge

Footfield Nidge

Dunsilly Foxtrot

Ross County

Bonnan Bridie

Meet And Greet

Double Up

Cultured Culchie

Conghals Rose

Dance Leyla

Rafas Wee Flash

Needs Must

Cronody Mary

Ballymurry Boy


Hot Box

Meenagh Gem

Strafield Legend


Race 1 Frosty The Snow Man A2 525 20:30 Approx. (525 Yds. Flat)  (Race Grade : A2)

Trap 1    Skryne Mac

Trap 2    My Aunt Annie

Trap 3    Swift Cabernet

Trap 4    Act The Lig

Trap 5    Santas Diamond

Trap 6    This One Time

Race 2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas S2 400 20:44 Approx. (400 Yds. Flat)  (Race Grade : S2)

Trap 1    Sixth Last

Trap 2    Jennys Boy

Trap 3    Big Johns Friend

Trap 4    Lefanta Tom

Trap 5    Conors Lemon

Trap 6    Fridays Gerry

Race 3 Last Christmas A3 525 20:58 Approx. (525 Yds. Flat)  (Race Grade : A3)

Trap 1   Brannock Steve

Trap 2   Soldiers Point

Trap 3    Tarmac Rebel

Trap 4    Solo Uno

Trap 5    Mays Seabird

Trap 6    Ture Ace

Race 4 An Cú Veterinary Unraced Tri-Distance Final 21:12 Approx. (525 Yds. Flat)  (Race Grade : N0)

Trap 1    Heisman

Trap 2    Totus Tommy

Trap 3    Milldean Gem

Trap 4    Quandrum

Trap 5    Marlbog Miller

Trap 6   Homeless Van

Race 5 Hens & Stags Packages S7 - S10 400 Final 21:24 Approx. (400 Yds. Flat)  (Race Grade : S7)

Trap 1  Gapofthenorth

Trap 2  Manilla Minx

Trap 3   Grove Jet

Trap 4   Mossvale Rosie

Trap 5   Birleys Son

Trap 6   Ice Girl

Race 6 Happy New Year A4 525 Semi-Final 21:36 Approx. (525 Yds. Flat)  (Race Grade : A4)

Trap 1    Climb The Walls

Trap 2    Coolbawn Tiger

Trap 3    Len The Turner

Trap 4    Banshee Mick

Trap 5    Tee To Green

Trap 6     Psycho Fran

Race 7 Happy New Year A4 525 Semi-Final 21:48 Approx. (525 Yds. Flat)  (Race Grade : A4)

Trap 1    Boreen Jaxxon

Trap 2    Sheikh Mahead

Trap 3    Oh Suzanna

Trap 4    Fane Orayen

Trap 5    Fairy Mist

Trap 6    Siberian Zoro

Race 8 White Christmas S4/S5 400 22:00 Approx. (400 Yds. Flat)  (Race Grade : S4)

Trap 1     Manilla Twist

Trap 2    Hilight Suarez

Trap 3    Pacemaker Pat

Trap 4   Silverhead Tina

Trap 5    Plenty Of Fun

Trap 6     Woodhaven Bob

Race 9 Rocking Around The Christmas Tree A4 525 22:13 Approx. (525 Yds. Flat)  (Race Grade : A4)

Trap 1    Cragg Hill

Trap 2    Woodside Mary

Trap 3    Pats Tellusmore

Trap 4    Ice Boy

Trap 5    Scroggy Sandy

Trap 6     Holycross Maid

Race 10 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town S7 - S10 400 22:27 Approx. (400 Yds. Flat)  (Race Grade : S7)

Trap 1   Fridays Minsk

Trap 2    Absolute Red

Trap 3   Maxfli

Trap 4   Shauneens Pet

Trap 5    Burgoyne Beauty

Trap 6    Black Gold 




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