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What's it like to work at IKEA Belfast?


With over 340 stores in 28 countries, IKEA is a world renowned home furnishing specialist with a focus on ergonomic, innovative and well-designed products at affordable prices. They develop some 2,500 new items each year with a key focus on sustainable growth and as such, IKEA are always in the process of recruiting talented and committed individuals to join their organisation.

Christie Gregg, store manager at the Belfast branch, offers a detailed insight into some of the wide range of careers available as well as the every day benefits and opportunities for personal development as an IKEA employee.

Tell us a little bit about the whole philosophy behind IKEA?
We are a home furnishing specialist aiming to provide inspiration to our customers in a unique way to assist them in creating a better life at home for them and their families. This is our passion. We are a values driven company that believes in equality and sustainability.

What type of roles do you have available?
We have just finished recruiting for our Sales, Logistics and IKEA Food teams. We have some roles coming up in these same departments in the future alongside some more creative roles. We have a great skills base and we currently employee specialists in many professional fields such as interior design, marketing, HR and IT. And after our last great batch, we are very excited to receive your applications in future.

Why should a jobseeker apply for a job with your company?
“It takes a dream to create a successful business idea. It takes people to make dreams a reality” At IKEA we have a strong people focus and each co-worker receives detailed development plans, a buddy and regular follow ups. Co-workers are at the heart of everything we do and are involved in store decisions. We encourage development and have lots of opportunities, both in Belfast and throughout the world.

We have many great every day benefits. We are proud to be one the first employers to offer the living wage and also have a great pension scheme. We meanwhile have a newly remodelled coworker restaurant that offers free soft drinks, hot drinks and subsidised meals. We also have paid holiday and sick leave, a generous employee discount and discounts in other high-street retailers. Other benefits include staff parties, an annual bonus (when certain targets are met) and reward schemes.

What application advice would you give jobseekers?
At IKEA we are a bit different to your average retailer - we like our application processes to be interesting and engaging. When you come to meet us the best advice would be to just be yourself and have fun. We will always give you full details of what to expect when we invite you for assessment centres or interviews.

To view current vacancies at IKEA please visit www.nijobs.com/IKEA

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