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    BT Young Scientist & Technology ExhibitionBy Maeve ConnollyBT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition

    THE Irish News has teamed up with BT to offer one lucky class the opportunity to win a day trip to the spectacular BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in Dublin next month.

    BT is the organiser and sponsor of the exhibition that aims to spark the magic of science, technology, engineering and maths into classrooms.

    The event is taking place on Thursday January 10 at the RDS and will provide budding scientists a platform to showcase their talents.

    Irish News marketing manager John Brolly said the competition would make learning fun. "The Irish News is delighted to link up with BT to allow a class experience what is a truly amazing exhibition. It offers schools the perfect opportunity to allow pupils discover the magic of science, technology, engineering and maths in an interactive and exciting way from their peers. This will inspire pupils to think differently about these subjects at school and give them the imagination to create their own projects so they can in the future possibly exhibit themselves

    Peter Morris, corporate services director at BT said: "The vision of the exhibition founders and BT has become a reality - raising awareness of the sciences, unearthing new ideas, giving young people a platform to shine and showing the island of Ireland's scientific skills at international competitions."

    Over the last two weeks a series of questions appeared daily in The Irish News.

    To be in with the chance of winning this amazing prize for your school, just answer seven of the twelve questions correctly and send to by Monday December 17

    The list of all 12 questions are repeated below:

  • 1 If F = ma, what's the value of F when m = 5 and a = 3?
  • a)  8
  • b) 15
  • c) 53
  • 2 At which temperature are Fahrenheit and Celsius equal?
  • a) -20
  • b) -30
  • c) -40
  • 3 The name “formic acid” is derived from the Latin word “formica”
    meaning ant because:
  • a) this acid, in ancient times, was used to eliminate ant hills
  • b) this corrosive acid is secreted by ants to drive away their enemies
  • c) this acid was first obtained by the distillation of ants
  • d) ants are attracted by the odour of this acid
  • 4 What does CAM stand for in design technology?
  • a) Computer-aided manufacturing
  • b) Computer-assisted manufacturing
  • c) Computer-assisted making
  • 5 What are smart materials?
  • a) materials that react to a stimulus, such as temperature or moisture
  • b) materials that can be shaped many times
  • c) materials that change into a liquid or molten state when heated
  • 6 Which one of the following pairs contains one vector and one scalar quantity?
  • a) displacement; velocity
  • b) weight; momentum
  • c) speed; force
  • 7 What does the carbon fixation stage of photosynthesis require?
  • a) ATP, NADPH2 and CO2
  • b) ATP, NAD and hydrogen
  • c) ATP, hydrogen and oxygen
  • 8 Which equation is correct?
  • a) energy = mass x specific heat capacity x change in temperature
  • b) energy = mass x specific latent heat x temperature
  • c) energy = mass x specific heat capacity x temperature
  • 9 According to the Doppler effect, what happens to sound waves emitted at a constant pitch from a car moving towards you?
  • a) They move more quickly, so their pitch increases
  • b) Their frequency increases, so their pitch increases
  • c) Their wavelength increases, so their pitch increases
  • 10 What word is used to describe the chromosome content of the new cells formed by meiosis?
  • a) Haploid
  • b) Diploid
  • c) Polypoid
  • 11 Which measure of average requires you to put the data in numerical order?
  • a) Mean
  • b) Median
  • c) Mode
  • 12 What happens to iron oxide in a blast furnace?
  • a) It is oxidised to form iron
  • b) It is electrolysed to form iron.
  • c) It is reduced to form iron.