When will the ‘brighter future' we were promised arrive? - The Irish News

When will the ‘brighter future' we were promised arrive?

Joanne McGibbon, centre, with Father Gary Donegan at the vigil which was held at Holy Cross Church in support of her murdered husband Michael. Picture by Philip Walsh 
EARLIER this month a father-of-four was lured from his north Belfast home to an alley and shot three times in the leg. His wife, a nurse, fought to save him but he later died in hospital. The paramilitary group known as the 'IRA' said "the intention of this operation was to carry out a punishment shooting". "Tragically," the group said "this resulted in his death". Or to put it plainly, they murdered him. Everything about Michael McGibbon’s killing is depressingly familiar - the manner in which the taxi driver was ordered from his home, just op[...]

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