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Alex Kane: Sinn Féin in danger of overplaying its hand

Alex Kane: Sinn Féin in danger of overplaying its hand

I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you. The DUP and Sinn Féin increased their mandates on the back of mutually contradictory agendas and the rest of us are feigning surprise and frustration at their seeming difficulties in cutting a deal any time soon.

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  1. To my Mum,Adelaide:she took a mute, terrified 6-year-old from an orphanage and gave him confidence, security, love, a new life, and a voice.

  2. We're looking at the @allianceparty conference on #SundayPoliticsNI today. @BBCGarethG reporting & @naomi_long in studio. @BBCOneNI 11.35

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  3. #SundayPoliticsNI coming up at 11.35 on @BBCOneNI with @naomi_long @deirdreheenan & @NewtonEmerson. Join us... @bbctheview @BBCGarethG

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  4. This remains the best film/TV adaptation of them all. On tomorrow--Sunday. Goodnight everyone : )

  5. A great fan of Heaney's & Kavanagh's poetry, how have the arts responded to Martin McGuinness's death? @StepWalkTV

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  6. Good to see @ryanjfeeney @JohnMDArcy @PatientClient @jordanmoates @alaninbelfast @AlexKane221b @WillChambre @glynrobertsni in the mix #AP17

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  7. Most upbeat Alliance conference I've seen in years; and loads of young people. They've got a buzz.

  8. "Oh Daddy! We can't leave him here by himself, can we?" We can. We did.

  9. The 3 main challenges for new UUP leader Robin Swann: 1) UUP back in Executive? 2) Unionist pacts/cooperation 3) Recovery from very low base

  10. One of my favourite Frasier episodes--the one about clowns--is on. Goodnight everyone. Have a good weekend : )

  11. A few final thoughts on Martin McGuinness from today's @irish_news column.…

  12. Fellow lovers of thoughtful detective fiction might enjoy this. Cullen is good at these adaptations. BBC Radio 4 on……

  13. On tomorrow morning-Saturday-at 8.40am on BBC2. The first of the Ealing Comedies (1947) and worth watching : )

  14. On BBC4 tonight-Friday (Sky116/Virgin107/Freeview9). Orbison has been a particular favourite of mine for almost 50……

  15. What are the chances of genuine power-sharing at any point: some thoughts from today's @BelTel…

  16. Latest LT commentary article re. the NI Assembly Election results is now online with the @BelTel:…. @Jonny_BelTel

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  17. With Robin Swann the only candidate for UUP leadership when nominations closed, he will replace Mike Nesbitt on April 8. Huge challenges.

  18. @AlexKane221b She should look at the sincere encouragement she received from ordinary members of the Nationalist community yesterday.

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