Meternity author Meghann Foye needs a reality check on motherhood - The Irish News

Meternity author Meghann Foye needs a reality check on motherhood

A female US author has suggested that women who don't have children should be entitled to fake maternity leave so they can de-stress and reflect on their life. A clever ploy to increase sales of her book this might well be, but it's also highly offensive to real mums and dads, writes Leona O'Neill

Having a baby is like having a holiday – aye, dead on, Meghann
A HIGH-flying female American author last week caused such a storm of controversy over her new novel that the sheer weight of mummy vitriol against her nearly knocked earth off its axis. Thirty-eight-year-old Meghann Foye brought out a work of fiction called Meternity, about a woman who fakes pregnancy to get fake maternity leave, as in a big long relaxing holiday to herself so as to reflect on her life, as in 'me-ternity' leave. It wasn't the book that had the mothers of the world up in arms, for people have written books about aliens, living in a magical kingdoms under the [...]

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