All the verbs you will need as men and women of action - The Irish News
Irish language

All the verbs you will need as men and women of action

Learning the verbs in Irish

Robert McMillen
Go mbeannaí daoibh, hello this dreary Bealtaine, agus bhur gcéad fáilte isteach chuig The Bluffer’s Guide to Irish. Right, yez have had it easy so far, time to take a torch, grab a machete and take a journey through the na briathra - verbs in Irish. (Shrieks). Verbs are words of motion, things you do so they are essential if you want to speak Irish. The present habitual tense (sorry for the jargon) but it just means actions you do regularly. Every verb has a root. For instance, do is the root for does, did, done, will do, doing, etc. etc. Take the root [...]
Irish language

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