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  1. Fantastic race to watch last night…

  2. An awful lot of pressure on volunteers, which are already like hens teeth. Without even more volunteers, events won……

  3. This is my anthem for today, having looked through all the start lists for tonight's @cityoflisburnac meet🧓…S

  4. No idea why this popped into my head this morning, but I'm glad it did 🧠…B

  5. The dog's 13th birthday song

  6. A teenager today 🍰?

  7. Pretty much what my mind sounds like right now 📻…h

  8. Danny Ings is class

  9. Jay Rodriguez goals are always good goals! 🚀 The Burnley forward fires home his 1️⃣1️⃣th strike of the

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  10. Who first thought it was a good idea and right to use capital B and G in `board of governors'? Why did it catch on?……

  11. This is what Burnley do, they soak it up and then they hit you! 👊 Jay Rodriguez's shoulder puts the Clarets ahead……K

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  12. This song was playing in the Co-Op yesterday, which reminded me that it also has one of the finest videos ever made……