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Ludicrous cost of loyalist bonfires

It is entirely ludicrous that Belfast City Council had to spend over £4,000 of ratepayers' money bringing another public body, the Department for Infrastructure, to court for failing to control a loyalist bonfire on its property in the east of the city.

Attitudinal shift required by some Irish motorists towards our cyclists

I admit to being slightly biased but I can’t think of a better mode of transport, pastime, leisure activity or sport than cycling. Individually and societally, it ticks many boxes for positive outcomes. Improving physical and mental health, reducing pressure on the health service, easing city congestion and benefiting our environment are among those positives.

Sense of desperation surrounding Theresa May

When Theresa May suggested `2019 can be the year when we put our differences aside and move forward together’, it was difficult to avoid the sense of desperation in her words.

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