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Damning assessment of Universal Credit

Universal Credit was lauded by the Conservative government as its flagship welfare reform which would ensure people were better off in work than on benefits.

Time for Orange Order to meet Sinn Féin

It is a measure of the changes which have swept over our society that Prince Charles could shake hands with Gerry Kelly, the senior Sinn Féin representative and former prominent IRA figure, without a single protest of any description.

Health service needs radical change

The expert called in to help reform healthcare in Northern Ireland has been in Belfast this week, celebrating the 70th birthday of the NHS but also trying to keep the focus on transforming our creaking system.

Russell Court evacuation was inevitable

While it is clear that considerable disruption will be caused by the evacuation of sixty residents from a housing complex in south Belfast, it needs to be accepted that any doubts over fire safety issues must always be immediately addressed.

Regulation needed to make bonfires safer

While some groups and individuals tend to portray attempts to regulate bonfires as an attack on loyalist culture, they often overlook or dismiss the very real safety risks associated with ever larger pyres sited in close proximity to property.

Hope endures that future Papal visit will include Armagh

The visit by Pope Francis to Ireland on August 25 and 26 will be a massive occasion which will undoubtedly attract huge crowds to the events scheduled for Croke Park and Phoenix Park in Dublin as well as the Knock Shrine in Co Mayo.

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