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Huge bravery in Donegal rescue

It is clear that only the courage and quick thinking of a passer-by prevented a tragic outcome when two people were left trapped upside down in a car which crashed into a Donegal river.

Essence of republicanism should be to protect human dignity

Having given Ireland her first and last colony invasion, plunder, pillage, famine, cultural subjugation and partition, our colonial masters in their boundless generosity are now going to facilitate the killing of our children. 

Deaglán de Bréadún: Gaeilge and Ulster Scots - or the Gulag

Deaglán de Bréadún
BEFORE the communist empire based in Moscow collapsed in ruins, there was a category of journalists and academics known as Sovietologists, who kept an eye on things for the enlightenment of people in the capitalist world.

Common sense approach needed on nurse language tests

It is widely accepted that the health service in Britain and Northern Ireland is struggling to recruit and retain specialist medical and nursing staff leading to gaps in provision and spiralling costs as temporary personnel are employed on a short term basis.

Grim ordeal for Victoria Place residents

AFTER their disturbing experiences of the last few weeks, and in particular over recent days, there can only be enormous sympathy for the residents of the Victoria Place apartment block close to Belfast city centre.

Alex Kane: This phase of the political process is coming to an end

Alex Kane
I mentioned during a radio interview a few days ago that I thought that the present and final phase of the political process was coming to an end and that it was, “increasingly likely that the institutions, along with the Good Friday and St Andrews agreements, would come crashing to the ground.

Spotlight firmly on Tory/DUP link

The UK’s Brexit secretary, David Davis, sounded more than a little plaintive when he suggested that MPs needed to `work together’ over the repeal bill which he published yesterday.

Newton Emerson: DUP/Tory deal was key to unionist move on bonfires

Newton Emerson
Why has unionism picked this moment to show a little backbone, relatively speaking, against eleventh night bonfires? The timing is hardly propitious, with a political vacuum at Stormont around a ‘culture war’ deadlock over the Irish language.

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