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Alex Kane: A hard Brexit would suit Sinn Féin in the short term

Alex Kane
Speaking last week, Danny Morrison—who is usually close to the mark about what Sinn Féin is thinking—said: “I think we’re at a crux here now and I don’t think there’s going to be an assembly or an executive, despite all the parties pledging that they want that back.

A Level students have plenty of options

The publication of A Level results is always a significant day in our education system with individual students learning the outcome of years of study.

Another gangland outrage in Dublin

The double murder of mother-of-six Antoinette Corbally (48) and 30-year-old Clinton Shannon represented another appalling example of gangland crime carried out in broad daylight in Dublin.

Border paper offers some clarity but still a long way to go

For Northern Ireland and the Republic, the imposition of any form of border controls or checkpoints would be disastrous, impacting on the free movement of people and goods with the probability of far-reaching political and security repercussions.

Action needed over provocative bonfires

The public burning of flags and emblems in an attempt to insult and provoke different sections of the community has caused widespread concern for some time Both loyalists and republicans have engaged in similarly unacceptable behaviour over recent weeks, with the latest episode involving the placing of poppy wreaths on a bonfire in the Bogside area of Derry.

Irish government right to tell Brexiteers to sort out EU mess

I am not a historian and as a pacifist wouldn’t want to get into a debate on the balance of power theory that suggests national security is enhanced when military capability is distributed so that no one state is strong enough to dominate all others. 

Boost for Ballycastle camogs

A Dublin sportswear firm's donation of a new set of jerseys to the members of Ballycastle Camogie Club after their old playing gear, together with a range of personal possessions, was stolen from their team bus close to Croke Park, was a welcome gesture.

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