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Dramatic comeback by Tiger Woods

The rise and fall of Tiger Woods was one of the most dramatic stories in international sport, as the world’s top golfer endured a prolonged period of personal humiliation and physical trauma.

Oil tank regulations should be reviewed

AT LEAST five people, four of them children, had a lucky escape when their house went up in flames that spread from a blaze at their neighbour’s home.

EU membership an integral element in GFA implementation

By the terms of the Good Friday Agreement any change in the status of Northern Ireland  would require “the consent of a majority of the people of Northern Ireland... freely given... without external impediment”.

Jim Gibney: Irish language flying high on the airwaves thanks to Raidió Fáilte

Jim Gibney
SITTING on the fourth floor of the striking, brand-spanking new, building which is home to Raidió Fáilte and looking out its expansive window, Fergus Ó hÍr and Máire Nic Fhionnachtaigh, reflect on fifty years of struggle and progress made in establishing the Irish language as a vibrant, energetic and thriving language and its community as ambitious, talented, passionate and above all resilient.

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