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DUP should finally speak out over Ian Paisley

The decision by Ian Paisley to share a Twitter post which likened EU Remain supporters to paedophile Jimmy Savile was another appalling piece of judgment by the North Antrim MP.

Alex Kane: Fifty years on and we are still far apart

Alex Kane
Simon Prince finishes his just updated book, Northern Ireland's '68, with this quotation from Anne Devlin's The Long March: "I still remember that time when we thought we were beginning a new journey: the long march.

DUP trying to hold Theresa May to ransom

Whenever Theresa May signed up to a confidence and supply deal with the DUP following the Westminster election in 2017, she must have known that at some point the priorities of both sides would no longer converge.

Ashers ruling will have far-reaching implications

The protracted and costly legal process that has ended up at the UK Supreme Court has been exceptionally draining and stressful for the people at the centre of what has become known as the 'gay cake' case.

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