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Does it suit abortion industry providers to keep women in the dark?

‘No uterus, no opinion’ is one of a range of mantras thrown around in the abortion debate. Martin O’Brien – ‘Assembly must demand return to stop abortion on demand’ (August 30) – looks male, clearly has an opinion and is definitely not afraid to share it.

Opinion: Boris Johnson's Brexit strategy unravels

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Watching the Conservative Party implode on live television, with a new prime minister witnessing his majority disappearing in front of his eyes, is probably not what the Tory faithful had in mind when they elected Boris Johnson as leader over the summer.

Warning on construction jobs must be taken seriously

While all eyes are on Westminster and the chaos and drama surrounding Brexit, it is the lack of political activity at Stormont that is causing alarm bells to be sounded over the implications for jobs and the wider economy of Northern Ireland.

Stakes getting higher in Westminster political drama

Leo Varadkar's description yesterday of the 'volatile and dynamic' situation at Westminster was, if anything, an understatement of the febrile atmosphere in London where the stakes are being raised ever higher as we hurtle towards the October 31 deadline.

Catholic Church is anti-woman

The Catholic Church is far too harsh with women who become pregnant against their wishes and with women generally because it is led by males only.

Backstop provides essential guarantee during Brexit chaos

All the indications are that we are moving into a defining period during the Brexit crisis, with the motion which the Labour Party is due to publish at Westminster tomorrow perhaps the last chance of avoiding a no deal catastrophe.

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