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Time for Theresa May to delay Brexit

WITH the planned date for Brexit just a month away, one of the more useful insights into the current crisis is Samuel Johnson's observation that when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.

Pope's forceful words on sex abuse a start

Stephen Oreilly
THE Pope yesterday concluded the extraordinary summit aimed at preventing clergy sex abuse of children with declarations and pledges which many within the church hope will mean the scandals which have been apparent for decades are finally being recognised and confronted.

Burglars inflicted horrific ordeal on Belfast family

The circumstances surrounding the burglary at a south Belfast house in which a six-month-old baby had a knife pointed at his throat were horrific in every way, and represented an appalling experience for the child’s mother and grandmother.

Westminster shake-up gathers pace

Previous attempts to realign Westminster politics through the creation of new groupings have experienced considerable difficulty surviving even a single general election, as the demise of the Social Democratic Party – launched by high profile figures in a blaze of publicity during the 1980s – demonstrated.

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