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Sinn Féin refuses to recognise that the rule of law applies to us all

The on-going controversy about the failure of mourners to observe the rules much less social distancing at Bobby Storey’s funeral generated a lot of headlines but ultimately Sinn Féin’s base will be happy since sure they were never there and can do no wrong anyway.

Original ‘sin’ of colonisation has enmeshed our island in conflict

Regardless of how long Ireland has been colonised by England, or how unpalatable that term may be to some, the inescapable fact remains that it is still, or rather,18.75 per cent of the island is still, governed by a foreign jurisdiction against the wishes of the native Irish population.

Irish coastline needs protection

Donald Trump has performed many remarkable u-turns down the years and one of the most striking, with major consequences around the world, including in Ireland, involves climate change.