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Irish language act is key to progress

It was completely predictable that yet another Stormont deadline came and went yesterday afternoon without the slightest hint of a breakthrough.

EU policy could lead to conscription

THERE has been little media mention of Ireland’s involvement in the developing EU integrated defence policy. This will lead to an eventual EU army and I welcome the Republic’s participation – especially as SF support it. However, one word of caution. 

Ed Sheeran can ignore the critics

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran may regularly attract mixed responses from the critics, but, at the age of just 26, he has already made himself a household name on both sides of the Atlantic.

PSNI abdication over UVF flags adds further pain to families

ONCE again thuggish, intimidating loyalist elements strut around large parts of the north erecting paramilitary flags in mixed areas and sensitive interfaces to deliberately create an extremely intimidating, fearful, antagonistic atmosphere and cause as much division and offence as they possibly can. 

Brian Feeney: DUP/Tory deal is horribly bad for Sinn Féin

Brian Feeney
After a few hours of shocked silence from Sinn Féin on Monday Gerry Adams’s ambivalent response to the DUP-Conservative deal indicated that the party would go back into a Stormont executive, the only question was when.

US firm Bazaarvoice provides much needed new jobs

The creation of new jobs, whether or not a devolved administration is in place at Stormont, is always a key priority, so there will be a warm welcome for yesterday's announcement that a US software firm is to recruit 170 employees in Belfast.

DUP deal with Tories will put pressure on Sinn Féin

Now we know the DUP's price for propping up Theresa May's Conservative government but the issue is what will be the long term cost of a deal forged out of the prime minister's desperate bid to cling to office.

Patrick Murphy: DUP look smug as they put Sinn Féin on the spot

Patrick Murphy
In political terms, yesterday's Anglo-Ulster Agreement (what else can we call it?) represented good news for the DUP, possibly offered some short-term respite for social and economic problems here and, perhaps most significantly, left Sinn Féin between a rock and a hard place.

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