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Patrick Murphy: SIF shows misuse of public resources for electoral gain persists

WHAT exactly is the difference between allocating a council house to a 19-year-old woman in Caledon in 1968 and allocating the Social Investment Fund's £79 million of public money, on the same basis of political favouritism, 50 years later? Sinn Féin and DUP supporters will reject any comparison between the old and the new (currently suspended) Stormont.

Difficult days ahead for Theresa May

After securing the backing of most of her cabinet for the draft Brexit deal on Wednesday night, Theresa May acknowledged there would be 'difficult days ahead.

Sonny Knowles was an entertainment legend

The tributes which poured in after the death yesterday of singer Sonny Knowles at the age of 86 demonstrated that he was one of the best loved figures in Irish entertainment.

Real threat to economy comes from DUP’s stubborn hard Brexit stance

Listen carefully and you can hear the unmistakeable, inevitable death rattle of the seedy Tory-DUP confidence and supply deal as Wobbly May finally cuts a deal with the EU on the withdrawal agreement and, in so doing, dishes the dirt on her erstwhile best buddies from Norn Iron. 

Newton Emerson: Inevitable Tory betrayal makes DUP look trapped and impotent

ONE day after the 2017 Westminster election and three weeks before the DUP-Conservative deal was signed, Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams called a press conference on the Falls Road to warn, or more accurately gloat, that "alliances between Ulster unionism and British unionism have always ended in tears".

DUP's Brexit disaster

When Seamus Mallon memorably described the 1998 Good Friday Agreement as `Sunningdale for slow learners’, he neatly captured the inability of some politicians to understand stark and simple truths.

Alarm over rape case conviction levels

While the complexities involved in rape investigations have been well documented, there can only be enormous concern over the miniscule number of convictions delivered under our present structures.

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