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We need a credible Assembly

While frustration over the prolonged failure of the House of Commons to provide viable solutions to the Brexit debacle may be growing, at least the Westminster body is actually considering the main issues of the day.

Cautionary tale for gullible DUP

Regardless of the outcome of today’s finely balanced vote in the House of Commons, it is clear that the DUP’s decision to enthusiastically support the Brexit project will go down as among the worst strategic blunders in the history of unionism.

Kingsmill families deserve full disclosure

After a wait of decades, the legacy inquests are finally providing families the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the circumstances of the deaths of their loved ones.

Sinn Féin holds key to saving lives of future Irish-born babies

Bearing in mind the lack of any sense of partnership between the DUP and Sinn Féin just before the collapse of the Stormont Executive I suspect that there is little confidence n the republican/nationalist community that lessons have been learned by the DUP and that going back to Stormont will begin a new era of mutual respect and true partnership.

DeSouza case raises important issue of citizenship

Co Derry woman Emma DeSouza's legitimate efforts to assert her Irish citizenship under the Good Friday Agreement has raised an important issue which has reached the highest political levels in both Dublin and London.