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Arlene Foster's clear choices

With polling in a Westminster contest, which all sides agree is one of the most important for many years, just ten days away, we should be approaching the climax of a hotly contested campaign.

Politics of sectarianism will continue to spoil politics here

I genuinely believe in the redistribution of wealth and in a fairer society based on inclusivity. I believe there is more than enough wealth in the country to pay for all the needs of society, to include free healthcare, free education, nationalised, subsidised and even free public transport.

Newton Emerson: No soldiers in north but we're not immune to Isis threat

Newton Emerson
THE decision to deploy troops on British streets in the wake of the Manchester bomb has been taken by a prominent Whitehall intelligence committee, rather than by the hapless Prime Minister, which is why even the furthest fringe of the Labour Party - i.e. its leadership - is debunking conspiracy theories to the contrary.

Action needed over bonfires

Bonfires have always been a central part of the annual Twelfth of July celebrations, and as such are regarded in some quarters as an important element of unionist culture.

Shock over Portadown murders

It is appalling that an elderly couple could be found dead in their own home after allegedly being stabbed in the course of a burglary.

Diplomatic triumph for Pope Francis

The long-standing expectation that Pope Francis will visit Ireland, both north and south, next year has been further heightened by an intervention from President Michael D Higgins.

Anger over Antrim bridge vandalism

It is almost beyond belief that vandals could have deliberately tried to cut through the ropes securing the legendary Carrick-a-Rede bridge in Co Antrim.

Gordon Wilson's message to grieving Manchester

When the first ominous reports began to circulate of an explosion towards the end of a sold-out concert in the 21,000-capacity Manchester Arena, there were immediate fears that serious casualty levels were likely to follow.

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