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‘Reading history backwards’ is preferable to not reading it at all

Eamon Hanna’s letter (May 23) was as comical as it was ahistorical. He condemns Parnell for working with the deplorable Rhodes but ignores the fact that Redmond implored Irish men to fight for the empire that committed genocide and implemented separate development in Zimbabwe.

President Trump turns his back on world opinion

In many ways, there will be little surprise that Donald Trump has turned his back on the world's first comprehensive deal on climate change but it is a profoundly depressing development that ignores the danger posed to the entire planet by rising temperatures.

Theresa May proves to be a deeply unimpressive campaigner

While the Westminster election campaign in Northern Ireland has been a largely lacklustre affair, the same cannot be said of Britain where, against all the odds, the Labour Party seems to be giving the Tories a run for their money.

Sorrow over Armagh accident

There will be enormous regret over the death of a workman who appears to have become involved in a freak accident while resurfacing a road in a rural area of Co Armagh.

Latest insight into Líofa funding cut reflects badly on Paul Givan

While the Renewable Heat Incentive debacle caused deep unease in the months leading up to the collapse of the Stormont institutions, arguably it was the axe taken to a Gaeltacht bursary scheme that showed beyond doubt that the DUP was not interested in power-sharing based on mutual respect.

Praise for Drumgreenagh's young stars

The gifted young singers from St Patrick's primary school at Drumgreenagh, outside Rathfriland, in Co Down, may have narrowly failed to make the final of the Britain's Got Talent competition but they still made an enormous impact on the live television show.

Concern over Dublin Port Tunnel speeding

The Dublin Port Tunnel has been a massive success since it opened just over ten years ago, taking traffic away from the congested city centre and allowing sharp reductions in journey times.

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