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Fresh hope for family of Seamus Ruddy

It is clear that the latest search in northern France for the remains of Newry-born Seamus Ruddy, who is feared to have been abducted and murdered by the INLA, is both comprehensive and painstaking.

Gulf between science and religion requires urgent attention

During the past decade The Irish News has very kindly published several of my letters claiming that original sin with the fall did not happen in space time on earth (Garden of Eden) but is a transcendental catastrophe which embraces the whole universe.

Facing up to the reality of a hard Brexit

Theresa May is rapidly finding out that it is not Britain that will dictate the terms of its divorce from Europe but the remaining members of the EU who are displaying a much tougher approach than she perhaps anticipated.

Alarm over targetting of west Belfast schools

There was considerable concern just over a month ago when stolen cars struck perimeter fences at two nearby primary schools in west Belfast during early morning crashes in the space of a matter of hours.

No place for hate crimes in our society

It is hard for us to imagine the terrible experiences that drive people from their home, leaving behind everything and everyone they know, to seek safety in a strange country.

Fortunate escape for Matthew Bryce

Wind surfer Matthew Bryce, who was rescued after drifting for more than 30 hours at sea, had by any standards an extremely fortunate escape from death.

When casting stones do so with clean hands

I don’t want to be an apologist for, or play down the profoundly disturbing revelations regarding the discovery of the significant quantities of human remains of infants allegedly dumped in a mass grave at the Tuam site in Co Galway.

Give children here the same protection from assault as adults

Election season is upon us once again in Northern Ireland. As ever our children – almost a quarter of the population – do not have the right to vote in the upcoming polls but, more surprisingly, they also do not enjoy the same protection as adults under the law.

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