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Pope's visit will test political maturity

The vast majority of Irish citizens, from north and south and of all traditions, will take the same strongly positive attitude towards the expected arrival of Pope Francis next year as they did towards the visit of Queen Elizabeth in 2011.

Significant ruling in Hooded Men case

The soldiers and police officers who inflicted an appalling ordeal on the so-called Hooded Men back in 1971 probably regarded themselves as untouchable.

Aging society brings benefits

Our society is changing in front of our eyes, and the most compelling trends are unconnected with our usual obsessions of politics and religion and instead linked directly to our dates of birth.

Extradition issues require resolution

It will be widely noted that a judgment delivered at the High Court in Dublin has for the first time in many years brought the question of extradition to the fore.

Tragic death of Jonathan Ramsey

There will be both enormous regret and significant concern about the circumstances surrounding the sudden death of Co Down teenager Jonathan Ramsey.

The downward path to a Balkans disaster must be avoided

It is frequently said that when there is a political vacuum there is a real danger it will be filled by people who will go to the ends of the earth to achieve control and power over people’s lives [and deaths] at any cost. 

Jim Gibney: Sectarianism should be defined as a hate crime

HOW do you spot sectarianism, I asked myself as I read Sinn Féin's 'One Community' document which the party will debate at its Ard Fheis in a few weeks' time and its campaign literature on the same theme #SUAS (Stand Up Against Sectarianism), which it launched a few weeks ago? I remember a few years ago coming out of the lift on the top floor of the assembly and bumping into the north's deputy first minster, Martin McGuinness, who was red in the face and clearly in a reflective and rushed mood.

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