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Fr Finegan abuse victims deserve full disclosure

While the resignation of Bishop John McAreavey is a significant development, it must be recognised that it is by no means the end of the matter in relation to the scandal of paedophile priest and teacher Fr Malachy Finegan.

Prayers for tragic Fermanagh family

The full horror of the Fermanagh fire disaster is slowly emerging with confirmation that a fourth body has been found in the burnt out shell of a house outside Derrylin.

Alex Kane: Those writing open letters need to be talking to Sinn Féin and the DUP

Alex Kane
To be honest, I'm not quite sure what to make of the latest 'open letter' from what's sometimes described as the 'civic' sector in Northern Ireland; other than the fact that it seems to have been written as a standalone response to the letter written to Leo Varadkar a few weeks ago by 200 or so people representing civic nationalism.

Time was not on Clint Massey's side

In January, Kincora abuse survivor Clint Massey called for the implementation of the Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA) inquiry report, revealing that he was in poor health and had been given just months to live.

Social segregation is made worse by so-called academic selection

Congratulations to all those schools who appeared in the Irish News Exam Performance list (February 19) which ranks the top 30 grammar and top 50 non-grammar schools based on their examination results in 2016- 2017. Well done to all those pupils, their parents and their schools.

Caution needed during arctic weather

Our present spell of arctic conditions had been widely predicted by the weather forecasters and the indications are that the authorities across Ireland, on both sides of the border, have made the appropriate preparations.

Boris Johnson's border bungles

If anyone doubted the shambolic nature of the official preparations for Brexit, they only needed to listen to the interview with the British foreign secretary Boris Johnson on BBC Radio Four's Today programme yesterday.

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