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New Taoiseach must be fully engaged on north

If we have learned nothing else from the events of recent months, it is that politics is an unpredictable business and no one can claim certainty on the will of the people when they are motivated to come out and vote.

Help needed to solve gruesome Wicklow murder

It is horrifying that gardaí investigating the murder of a man yesterday found human remains at a fifth separate location in the Wicklow Mountains national park Reports suggested that the latest discovery, made during a massive search operation in one of Ireland's most scenic districts, involved a head in a plastic bag.

Fionnuala O Connor: Focus on leader played badly for both Arlene and Theresa

Fionnuala O Connor
Theresa May, Arlene Foster, Michelle O’Neill, Ruth Davidson and Nicola Sturgeon are so wildly different in views and personality that no woman commentator should surely any longer face the gormless ‘How would you compare A with B?’ To which the only honest answer is ‘I really wouldn’t.

Violence at fast food outlets a matter of concern

Violence and anti-social behaviour at pub closing times has long been a recognised problem in many of our city and town centres with the police and licensed premises taking steps to address this issue.

Disgust over racist abuse in Belfast

It is appalling that two 17-year-old girls could be subjected to foul-mouthed and racist abuse by a woman passer-by in the very heart of Belfast city centre.

Theresa May pays the price for reckless election decision

Theresa May's reckless and arrogant decision to call an unnecessary general election showed she had learned absolutely nothing from the downfall of her predecessor, who gambled everything on a referendum on leaving the EU.

Alex Kane: Chances of a Stormont deal not looking good

Alex Kane
With the ‘distraction’ of the general election out of the way (and, at the time of writing, I have no idea how good or bad their day has been) the local parties will be back to Stormont on Monday to see if they can avoid another Assembly election in October.

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