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Health service in need of urgent reform

The failure to reach a deal on restoring the devolved institutions is profoundly disappointing for those hoping to see progress on some of the major issues affecting everyday life in Northern Ireland.

Alex Kane: The reality is a lasting deal is just not possible

Alex Kane
Well, there you go. After ten months - including the collapse of the assembly and an unexpected election - of talks, further talks, additional talks, side talks and talks for the sake of talking, we appear to be precisely where we were when the entire rigmarole began.

Sexual harassment scandal causes difficulties for Tory government

When the New York Times published explosive allegations of sexual misconduct in relation to Harvey Weinstein four weeks ago, few would have imagined that the fallout from that scandal would have potentially serious repercussions for the British government.

Anger over Lurgan OAP scam

It is appalling that two rogue traders were not only able to dupe a pensioner into handing over £1,000 to get the driveway of his Lurgan house power washed but also left without even starting the work.

Anger over Poleglass dissident attack

The explosive device found in west Belfast yesterday was part of an entirely evil attempt to attack police officers which also caused enormous disruption to the lives of ordinary citizens.

Unionists have great difficult accepting the term Scots-Irish

Having watched BBC and its trek across half the world in search of Ulster-Scots heritage it made me wonder how the previous executive could cut a paltry sum for children to attend the Gaeltacht and then find money for 14 films on the above mentioned ‘heritage’. 

Sickening acts of wanton destruction need to stop

The vast majority of people will find it difficult to understand the thinking of those who set out to cause as much damage as possible to property, including a cross-community hub and the gates of a cemetery.

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