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Answers needed on MoT shambles

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It would be difficult to describe the crisis around MoT testing as anything other than a shambles but it is also right that the safety of staff and customers is the main concern of the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA).

Sinn Féin has taken backward step in returning to corpse of Stormont

Letters to the Editor
At a time in the national politics of Ireland, when the issue of Irish unity and national sovereignty are to the fore in providing a viable solution to the  social and economic wellbeing of all the Irish people in a post-Brexit environment, a humiliated Provisional Sinn Féin ignored the dynamic of that narrative and took the retrogressive step of returning to the corpse of Stormont which represents the most potent symbol of the failure and injustice of partition.

Lessons of the holocaust must never be forgotten

Stephen Oreilly
ON THIS day 75 years ago Soviet troops liberated prisoners from the Auschwitz complex of camps and uncovered to the world the true horror of the Nazi regime, in particular the genocide it had been carrying out primarily against members of the Jewish faith but also against other ethnic groups which it considered not worthy of life.

The vision, determination and courage of Seamus Mallon

Seamus Mallon, who died yesterday at the age of 83 after a short illness, was one of the giants of Irish politics over the last 50 years and at all stages of his career displayed vision, determination and courage.