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Devastating Wexford road tragedy

Every death on our roads is a tragedy but the circumstances surrounding the crash which killed four members of a US family in Co Wexford were particularly devastating.

EU pushing UK towards a Hobson’s Choice of bad deal or no deal

We Irish, unionist and nationalist are living in interesting times. The Brexit debacle has reinvigorated the drive for national unity and at the same time shaken the confidence of die hard Angloids who only take their heads out of the sand long enough to deny the obvious.

Praise due to retiring Barra McGrory

Barra McGrory is owed a considerable debt of gratitude as he prepares to stand down from his demanding and complex role as director of public prosecutions.

Donald Tusk declaration of support raises the Brexit stakes

At the end of a week which has seen considerable mudslinging in the direction of the Irish government, the taoiseach yesterday received a resounding declaration of support from European Council President Donald Tusk, who pledged the backing of the EU over the border issue.

Irresponsible of Donald Trump to give platform to Britain First

Donald Trump's latest Twitter outburst, retweeting anti-Muslim videos from the far right Britain First organisation and then attacking Theresa May, not only shows how unsuited he is to the responsibilities of his office but also offers encouragement to those promoting an agenda of hate.

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