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Newton Emerson: DUP/Tory deal was key to unionist move on bonfires

Newton Emerson
Why has unionism picked this moment to show a little backbone, relatively speaking, against eleventh night bonfires? The timing is hardly propitious, with a political vacuum at Stormont around a ‘culture war’ deadlock over the Irish language.

Hoping for a Twelfth that passes without incident

It is notable that the lead up to this year's Twelfth has not been marked by the heightened tensions and threat of violence that have been a feature of recent times and for that we must be thankful.

Opposition to Irish language act is opposition to Irishness

Maurice Fitzgerald’s irrational, ignorant and intemperate comments about the Irish language (July 4) reflect the mind of a person who has been profoundly affected by England’s colonisation of Ireland and the effect that colonisation had on the Irish language in particular.

Deaths of two fishermen an absolute tragedy

The deaths of two men who got into difficulty fishing off the coast of Co Donegal, is an absolute tragedy which should serve as a warning to everyone taking to the water this summer.

Leo, sort your own problems

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar expressed his ‘very strong view’ to the DUP (June 20) and instructed them not to use ‘the petition of concern mechanism’ to block same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

Tom Kelly: Absence of trust is preventing restoration of the executive

Tom Kelly
The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, aptly named Brokenshire, has been lampooned for his handling of the current round of talks and whilst he has hardly inspired public confidence with his low profile and even lower sense of authority the political impasse is not of his making.

Positive developments over bonfires

The approach by the authorities towards the environmental, legal and above all public safety implications of massive and intimidating loyalist bonfires in residential areas has taken a number of twists in recent years.

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