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Afghanistan has been at war too long

Stephen Oreilly
There has been mixed reaction to the news that United States forces used the biggest available bomb in its arsenal to attack what has been described as a network of tunnels used by Islamic State fighters in Afghanistan.

Foster's Irish language move to be welcomed

IN the context of the rhetoric we have come to expect from the DUP when it ventures to offer a view on the Irish language, Arlene Foster's announcement that she intends to meet Gaeilgeoirí is to be welcomed as a positive move.

Pessimism grows at Stormont

There is a growing possibility that our memorable front page picture from yesterday, which showed Stormont’s Great Hall with all the lights on but no one at home, could become a very familiar image indeed.

Brian Feeney: If you think Stormont is bad, take a look at the Dáil

Brian Feeney
You think Stormont is a shambles with a proconsul failing to provide any leadership, flailing around, out of his depth? Have a look across the border at a hamstrung Dáil where not a week goes past that another scandal, another inquiry produces furious exchanges across the chamber leading to, well, nothing, but more of the same; anything but a decision.

Tragic cases of Chloe Hutchings and Jamie Burns

While the grave issues associated with drug use have been well documented, there has also been a perception that it is individuals with a lengthy background of addiction who are most at risk.

Deery family vindicated in inquest campaign

Fiona McGarry
The case of Manus Deery, a 15-year-old boy shot dead by a British soldier in 1972, has underlined the importance of holding proper inquests into Troubles-related deaths, regardless of how long ago they occurred.

Relief over Patrick King's recovery

The outcome of cases involving young people who sustain traumatic brain injuries can be completely unpredictable so there will be enormous relief that Co Down teenager Patrick King has made an excellent recovery after his involvement in a cycling accident last month.

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