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Police must take action against UVF behind sectarian intimidation

More than a week on from the threats that forced four Catholic families to leave their homes in a shared housing development and the chief constable has publicly blamed the east Belfast UVF for this despicable crime which has appalled people across Northern Ireland.

Liam Cosgrave's unique record of service

The former taoiseach Liam Cosgrave, who has died at the age of 97, came from a family with an outstanding record of public service and made a massive contribution through his own long political career.

Alarm over Ardnabannon closure

There will be widespread regret over the closure of the long-established and well-regarded outdoor learning centre at Ardnabannon, outside Castlewellan, in Co Down.

Feeling let down by Sinn Féin

As a republican socialist I would like to thank the DUP’s Edwin Poots. The statement he made a few weeks ago helped me indirectly. He was commenting on the  inability of politicians at Stormont –because of the ‘sticking point’ of an Irish language act – to put a government together. 

Looming health cuts a serious concern

In the absence of firm information emerging from the ongoing talks process, observers are examining any public words or appearances in the hope of gleaning a sense of whether we are on course for a restored executive or a form of direct rule from Britain.

Las Vegas mass murder places focus on gun controls

With the United States in shock and grief following its deadliest mass shooting, the focus will inevitably turn to the gun laws that allow someone with murder in mind to buy automatic weapons capable of turning a country music festival into a scene reminiscent of a battlefield.

Deserved tributes to Henry Henvey

Many people have always had good reason to be grateful for the dedicated service provided by the late Henry Henvey during his decades as the keeper of the St John's Point Lighthouse at Killough in Co Down.

Anti-EU assertions of empire and collapse are patent nonsense

Alex Kane – ‘Empires rise then fall–EU won’t be exception’ (September 29) – is wrong, misleads with anti-EU falsehoods and hides his true motivation in voting Leave. For Brexit Britain however, domination by a real empire will become a certainty.

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