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Alex Kane: DUP's position is nowhere near as strong as they think it is

Alex Kane
A few weeks before the 2010 general election, when the UUP and Conservatives were fielding joint candidates as part of the UCUNF project (Google the term if it's new to you, it's far too convoluted to explain right now), a DUP candidate told me: "The UUP are going to do badly, Alex.

Stormont is place to decide legislation on abortion

The much anticipated ruling by the Supreme Court on a challenge to the current abortion legislation in Northern Ireland, has achieved that rare feat of allowing both sides of the debate to claim some form of victory.

Concentrations of poverty in schools doing untold damage

In total more than 15,500 school days were lost for pupils as a result of 6,805 suspensions issued during 2016-2017 academic year according to an analysis by The Detail of suspension and expulsion figures obtained in response to a freedom of information request.

Regret over damage to Rostrevor church

There will be considerable regret over the damage caused by an apparent vandalism attack on the historic bell tower clock of Kilbroney Church of Ireland Church at Rostrevor in Co Down.

Alban’s fantasies are incompatible with the historical facts

Alban Maginness (May 17), will tell his grandchildren that the SDLP were unique in Irish politics, changed the face of politics throughout Ireland, and since its formation in 1970 they steered the history of this island as the most successful party since partition.

Sympathy for tourists after north Belfast theft

Two German tourists who travelled across Europe to Ireland in a custom-built motorcycle and side car were entitled to think that it could be safely parked overnight in a north Belfast street.

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