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Spotlight on DUP over Stormont talks

When former taoiseach Bertie Ahern suggested at the weekend that the main Stormont parties should start talks early in the new year with a view to restoring our power-sharing structures, it is likely that almost everyone on both sides of our divided society will have agreed with him.

Focus must be on the Brexit deal on offer

With just eleven days left for Theresa May to persuade sufficient numbers of MPs to back her EU withdrawal plan, the consensus seems to be that she faces an uphill battle.

Unacceptable waiting lists need to be tackled

People are entitled to ask, how bad do our waiting lists have to get before radical steps are taken to address this major issue? Once again we are confronted with appalling figures on the length of time patients are being forced to wait for treatment.

Brexit cost shows folly of Leave campaign

What is striking about the various official forecasts issued yesterday is that under any version of Brexit the UK economy would be worse off compared with staying in the EU.

Huge sorrow over Castleblaney death

The death of Stephen Marron in a two-car collision in the border town of Castleblaney in Co Monaghan, which also left a Garda officer with a range of injuries, was a tragedy of enormous proportions.

Brian Feeney: The UK is not a 'nation', despite what Theresa May says

Brian Feeney
At first sight Theresa May’s so-called ‘letter to the nation’ pleading for support for her deal is just another typically provocative and divisive use of the terminology she always chooses to describe the UK which qualifies as a nation under no definition of the word.

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