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Anger over west Belfast robbery

There will be widespread disgust over yesterday's robbery in broad daylight on a busy street in west Belfast in which a visitor from France was targeted.

Border crisis is Theresa May's fault

The figure who must take most of the blame for the total confusion and enormous apprehension which exists over future arrangements on the Irish border is undoubtedly the outgoing UK prime minister Theresa May.

Informers didn’t save lives during major Troubles’ atrocities

Former deputy constable and former Special Branch officer Alan McQuillan claimed intelligence agents saved the lives of ‘literally thousands’. This claim is not backed up from the investigations into many of the major atrocities during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Jim Gibney: Pro-EU parties need to find common purpose

Jim Gibney
If ever there was a time for unity of purpose among Sinn Féin, the SDLP and their electorate, and those on the broad unionist side who voted to remain in the EU then it is now, in advance of the Westminster election on June 8.

College Green plan will enhance Dublin

Dublin remains one of Europe's most attractive capitals and the proposed new College Green plaza, which will be capable of staging public events for up to 15,000 people, should further enhance its appeal.

Troubled people of Palestine need our voices and our help

On Monday April 17 more than 1,000 Palestinian political prisoners began a hunger strike in an effort to both highlight and combat the continuing inhumane treatment they receive at the bloodied hands of the Israeli regime. They were joined by hundreds of Palestinian citizens, including the mothers of some internees.

Pearson's welcome investment in Belfast

Yesterday's confirmation that Pearson, the leading publisher, is opening a finance centre in Belfast which will employ up to 300 people, is a significant and strongly positive development.

Fire setters a danger to the public

Stephen Oreilly
WHILE most of us have been enjoying the good weather of the past few days, sadly some mindless individuals have been starting fires which have been keeping the emergency services very busy.

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