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William Scholes: Covid-19 lockdown life also a mental battle

William Scholes
IF you cast your mind back all those years ago when we first went into coronavirus lockdown - OK, it was just over a month ago, but doesn't it feel far, far longer? - you may remember that all the talk was about 'flattening the curve'.

Local business sector needs targeted support

While the main priority of government has to be on saving lives during this pandemic, there must also be a parallel strategy aimed at ensuring that after lockdown, the economy quickly recovers and people can get back to work.

Our incredible healthcare staff deserve more than thanks

One of the most extraordinary aspects of the coronavirus emergency has been the incredible dedication and selflessness of healthcare staff at all levels who are looking after the public in the knowledge that they are placing themselves at grave risk.

Growing evidence of Downing Street ineptitude

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There can be no doubt that the British public has displayed huge sympathy for prime minister Boris Johnson since he became seriously ill after testing positive for Covid-19.