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Stay at home rules will help save lives

Boris Johnson has given the impression of a man reluctant to take stringent steps impacting on personal liberty in his response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Just call it ‘history’ and it needn’t trouble us anymore

On seeing the headline of Tom Collins’s opinion piece – ‘We need to move on and leave history to historians’ (March 9) – I was minded of a talk I attended by Sara Rowbotham, a social worker working in Rochdale at a time when ‘historical abuse’ of children was taking place.

Heroic NHS staff deserve our appreciation

The reckless and selfish behaviour of those who wilfully ignore social distancing advice stands in stark contrast to the dedicated, selfless and brave actions of health service workers.

Children forced to do transfer test if they want grammar school place

I have every sympathy with Naomi McBurney, campaign organiser, #bringbacktoprimary – ‘Politics needs to be removed from centre of selection debate’ (March 3) – in her attempts to allieviate the huge stress and burden placed on young children and their families who are forced to take a transfer test if they want a place at a grammar school.

Defining stage in the coronavirus battle

Yesterday’s tragic confirmation that a second coronavirus-related death had taken place in Northern Ireland was widely expected and there can be no doubt that further grim updates will follow in the coming days.