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Consistency needed in complex legacy debate

THE revelation that a man in his eighties was questioned this week about republican activities in the border area in 1959 deserves to be regarded as a significant development in the complex and sensitive debate on legacy issues.

Newton Emerson: Maze-Long Kesh plan should aim for better

Newton Emerson
THERE is a view that the fatal breakdown in trust between the DUP and Sinn Féin can be pinpointed exactly to August 2013, when former DUP leader Peter Robinson penned a letter to party members from his villa in Florida, putting a freeze on the Executive's agreement to develop the Maze Long Kesh site.

Sectarianism still casts dark shadow

One of the great hopes associated with the 1998 Good Friday Agreement was that over a period of time it would help to ease sectarian tensions and significantly improve cross-community relations Unfortunately, while enormous political progress was plainly made in subsequent years, and in many ways life was transformed for ordinary citizens, we are still very much facing the reality of a divided society.

Anita Robinson: Child's play isn't fun for today's snowflakes

Anita Robinson
I notice in passing on a mid-morning bus to Belfast, primary school pupils out for morning break in the playground, swaddled like Russian dolls in their duvet coats, carefully minded by a couple of classroom assistants - a few running or kicking a ball round a small tarmacked yard with a high fence, but most of them just standing about.

Second Brexit vote essential

A SECOND referendum - also referred to as a 'confirmatory ballot' or 'people's vote' - has long looked like the most sensible way out of the Brexit impasse.

Yemen deserves peace

ON SATURDAY rebel forces began to withdraw from the main port of Yemen, hopefully opening the way to an accelerated humanitarian effort to help the population which has been suffering terribly for almost five years.

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