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Alex Kane: Bedlam is the new norm as bag of wind Boris pursues a risky strategy

Alex Kane
I wonder if there comes a point at which we run out of uncharted waters and sail into the territory that used to be marked on maps as, 'Here be Dragons'? So far, even if we haven't sailed in the waters before, there's always been a sense that we'd be able to navigate our way through; even if there was no certainty as to where, exactly, we'd find ourselves afterwards.

No-deal warnings must be taken seriously

A raft of information in recent days has set out in stark terms the potential impact of a no-deal Brexit and will add to the deep sense of alarm and unease across a number of sectors if the UK crashes out of the EU on October 31.

Court ruling a major setback for Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson's tenure as prime minister has gone from bad to worse with three senior Scottish judges declaring his proroguing of Parliament and the advice he gave to Queen Elizabeth was unlawful, which is hugely significant from a constitutional and political perspective.

Brian Feeney: Anti-Brexit coalition must defeat DUP

Brian Feeney
The taoiseach was correct on Monday when he said, deal or no deal, the British will have to return quickly to the negotiating table with the EU to hammer out terms of trade and other relationships.

Much needed suicide strategy is long overdue

Despite the fact that Northern Ireland has the highest suicide rate in the UK, it is only now that a long overdue strategy aimed at tackling this appalling toll of death has been published.

Dissident bombing campaign entirely counter-productive

While the focus in recent days has been on the chaos at Westminster and uncertainty over the arrangements for the border post-Brexit, violent dissident republicans have been seeking out ways to cause maximum disruption and mayhem in Northern Ireland.