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PSNI need to put the UVF out of business

Unlike some of his predecessors, new chief constable Simon Byrne has had the benefit of taking up his post during one of the quietest marching seasons in many years.

Jeremy Corbyn needs to review his Brexit strategy

The performance of Jeremy Corbyn throughout the Brexit saga has perturbed large sections of traditional Labour support and caused consternation among those across Ireland who have always been well disposed towards his party.

Disappointed unions failed to condemn threatening behaviour

As a NIPSA member I am extremely disappointed that neither NIPSA nor NIC-ICTU have seen fit to issue a condemnation of the recent threatening behaviour directed at Belfast City Council staff employed at Avoniel Leisure Centre and also the threat posed to contractors engaged in the removal of the illegal bonfire.

Threats to bonfire removal contractors appalling

While it is evident considerable progress has been made this year in regard to contentious bonfires, the stand off at Avoniel Leisure Centre in Belfast shows that sinister elements are still trying to bring their malign influence to bear.