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Unforgiving spotlight on Jeremy Corbyn

Even in a period of unprecedented political upheaval, it would be verging on the astonishing if Jeremy Corbyn, after a lifetime on the opposition benches, was shortly to become UK prime minister.

Hooded Men deserve full investigation

The BBC Spotlight programme on the history of the Troubles has served to remind us of the disturbing, shocking and horrifying events that took place over many years in Northern Ireland.

Boris Bridge could have economic benefits

Boris Bridge could have economic benefits I read the reports of the “bridge” feasibility study linking Northern Ireland to the Scotland with equal enthusiasm and dismay.

Kevin Lunney's sadistic attackers must be apprehended

As further details emerge of the horrific ordeal endured by businessman Kevin Lunney, pressure is growing on the police on both sides of the border to bring those responsible for this savage crime to justice.

Not too late to save our place in Europe

Not too late to save our place in Europe In 1849 at an International Peace Conference in Europe, Victor Hugo said that a day would come when the nations of Europe would form a European brotherhood.

Letters to the editor: Has DUP a veto on democracy?

Has DUP veto on democracy? Please forgive my confusion but when a British decision ignores the majority of the electorate in the six counties and has no cross-community support that is a democratic decision fully supported by the DUP.