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Sinn Féin should be judged on its mandate

The extraordinarily close finish between the three main parties in the Irish general election means that a period of intense negotiations is inevitable before the next government emerges.

Time to re-examine if Casement remains best option for Ulster provincial stadium

Letter to editor
My first thought on the Casement Development Project and its entanglement in the New Decade, New Approach Political  Protocol’ was how in God’s name did the GAA, expressly mandated to keep out of politics, get itself so entrenched in these political shenanigans. Instead of Casement being a collection of white lines 65s, 45s etc it had become a political party’s red line.

Reckless ferry bomb plot defies logic

The fact that dissident republicans planted a bomb on a lorry due to cross the Irish Sea on Brexit day shows just how detached from reality these violent groups have become.