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All eyes on Brexit talks in Brussels

Three different sets of negotiations in separate jurisdictions are scheduled to take place today which will all be followed closely across Ireland, north and south.

More to headlong rush to a hard Brexit than meets the eye

Well, wasn’t that an interesting election? We now appear to have a Ulster Conservatives and Unionists – New Force (UCUNF) government at Westminster led by Theresa May, albeit with the DUP usurping the UUP’s role.

Council wrong to facilitate notorious bonfire

The revelation that Belfast City Council is storing pallets to be used for a notorious bonfire close to a busy tourist hotel is yet another sign the authorities are pandering to loyalist groups determined to flex their muscles in local communities.

Preserving The Quiet Man's legacy

The Quiet Man is widely regarded as the most famous and best loved film ever set in Ireland, and, even though its main stars have passed away, it still captivates fans of all ages.

Urgent review needed after London tower block disaster

The horrific blaze which engulfed Grenfell Tower and led to appalling loss of life has caused a deep sense of shock and raises searching questions as to how it is possible for such a disaster to occur in an age of rigorous fire regulations.

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