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No place for paramilitary brutality

While it has been well documented that paramilitary shootings are still taking place on a regular basis, it can only be alarming that the number of victims has doubled from 14 to 28 in the space of the last year.

Enda Kenny's place in history

Enda Kenny's remarkable political career has taken him from a lengthy period of relative obscurity on the back benches to becoming the longest serving Fine Gael taoiseach in history and also, having been first elected back in 1975, to be officially regarded as the `Father of the Dail.

Brian Feeney: Unabashed Brexit baloney from May

Brian Feeney
Theresa May called this British general election on the specious grounds that she needed a strong mandate for her negotiating position on Brexit because the Opposition was frustrating her plans and, wait for it, determined to oppose them.

Brendan Duddy was a figure of courage

Brendan Duddy, who has died at the age of 81, was a person who preferred to act behind the scenes but over many years played a key role in the search for peace and progress in Ireland.

Gerry Adams and Michell O'Neill acting as recruiters for unionists

I can’t help feeling during this past few weeks that the two unionist parties do not need to do any canvassing for June 8. Mr Adams and Ms O’Neill have ensured that the level of anger among previously apathetic Protestant non voters is unprecedented.

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