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Tough times for James Brokenshire

THE much-discussed deal between the Conservatives and the DUP was supposed to last for a full five-year parliamentary term but has actually managed to run into considerable trouble within rather less than five weeks.

Anto Finnegan's heroic campaign

The former Antrim GAA captain Anto Finnegan has responded with enormous courage and commitment since he was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease almost exactly five years ago.

BBC needs to note concerns

It is entirely understandable that the BBC needs to secure the services of talented performers in a range of sectors by offering highly attractive salaries.

‘New girl’ should know better than to defend hate mongers

Emma Little-Pengelly may be ‘a new girl’ to the political stage but she should know better than to attempt to defend the lowest common denominators in our society – the hate mongers who haven’t a political aspiration in their heads other than to demonise those who dare to claim they are Irish/ nationalist and have aspirations to a United Ireland.

Appeals grow over Dean McIlwaine

There will be enormous sympathy for the family and friends of Dean McIlwaine as they carry out extensive searches for the missing 22-year-old.

Southerners do not really understand Northern Ireland dynamics

The recent correspondence from Maurice Fitzgerald and Robert Sullivan about what they perceive as an overzealous emphasis on the Irish language during the Stormont negotiations, probably has confirmed for many northerners what we always suspected that southerners do not really understand the dynamics of Northern Ireland.

Martin O'Brien: Orange Order must build on peaceful Twelfth and move forward

Martin O'Brien
What lessons can we take from the quietest Twelfth of July in years? How can we, as a society so deeply in need of healing and generosity of spirit, now move forward? More particularly, how can our political leaderships build on the not so minor miracle of the past week? Such questions come to mind as we reflect on a Twelfth when the sunny weather resonated with the general lack of tension rather than enhance the prospects for rioting and mayhem.

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