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Opinion: Attacks on police hurt everyone

FRIDAY night’s attempt by dissident republicans to murder members of the PSNI was, thankfully, unsuccessful. However, several aspects of this incident give an indication of just how little regard these organisations have for society as a whole.

Julian Smith must convince he is impartial on talks

Freshly appointed secretary of state Julian Smith arrived in Northern Ireland yesterday to meet the political parties and begin work on the many issues that have been left unresolved during Karen Bradley's ill-starred tenure.

New faces in cabinet but same problems remain

Boris Johnson has wasted no time in stamping his mark, sweeping away Theresa May's loyalists and longstanding Tory stalwarts and filling his cabinet with hardline Brexiteers, including some who drove his predecessor from office.

Gun violence must be condemned

West Belfast was the scene of a shockingly reckless gun attack on Monday night which left a 30-year-old man critically wounded but could easily have resulted in death or injury in this busy residential area.

Ireland may give Boris Johnson his first crisis

If ever a political appointment was likely to end in tears, it was the election yesterday of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson as the new Conservative leader and British prime minister in waiting.

Pupils have better sense of belonging and worth in smaller schools

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate principal Ian Bell and his staff on the outstanding job they have been doing in turning round Movilla High School from a failing school –  described by some as one of the worst schools in Northern Ireland – to a place of learning.

Anita Robinson: Sisterhood should recognise that sometimes brawn trumps brains

Anita Robinson
On my kitchen noticeboard I have a postcard portraying a boilersuited female, her hair tied up in a spotted bandana, her right arm muscularly flexed, her expression one of fierce determination and issuing from her lips the words, “We Can Do It!” It’s a reproduction of a 1940s American wartime poster of Rosie the Riveter, when women took the place of menfolk in heavy industry as the USA went to war.