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Firm message needed on coronavirus attacks

During this global emergency, we have seen police in Northern Ireland given wide-ranging powers which in any other circumstances would be viewed as highly controversial and unacceptably intrusive.

Heroic health workers must be protected

There will be a clear understanding that the latest stringent regulations in the fight against Covid-19 which were announced firstly by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and then by the Stormont Executive represent absolutely essential measures which need to be fully respected by the general public across Ireland.

Help the NHS - stay at home

On Thursday night, in a remarkable show of appreciation and support, vast numbers of people stood on their doorsteps or at their windows to clap and cheer the health service staff who are at the front line of the coronavirus fight.

Stay at home rules will help save lives

Boris Johnson has given the impression of a man reluctant to take stringent steps impacting on personal liberty in his response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Just call it ‘history’ and it needn’t trouble us anymore

On seeing the headline of Tom Collins’s opinion piece – ‘We need to move on and leave history to historians’ (March 9) – I was minded of a talk I attended by Sara Rowbotham, a social worker working in Rochdale at a time when ‘historical abuse’ of children was taking place.