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Yemen deserves peace

ON SATURDAY rebel forces began to withdraw from the main port of Yemen, hopefully opening the way to an accelerated humanitarian effort to help the population which has been suffering terribly for almost five years.

New approach needed on legacy debate

There is a clear need for all those contributing to the legacy debate to take a completely measured approach, carefully consider the impact of their words and above all avoid causing offence to grieving families from any section of society.

Allison Morris: Voters should never be taken for granted

Allison Morris
I've lost count of the number of elections I've covered as a reporter now, the long hours and the complicated Single Transferable Vote system make them exhausting mental marathons, with a flurry of activity as each candidate makes quota.

Framework for talks long overdue

THE results of last week's council elections have been widely interpreted as an expression of voters' desire that devolution should be restored as soon as possible.

Need for rejuvenation among nationalists of fundamental ethos of Irish unity

A car bedecked with Sinn Féin posters and loudspeakers proclaiming in song, “we’re on the one road, maybe the wrong road, but we’re together now who cares”, seems a pretty apt reflection of the lack of strategic dynamism of that party, confounding political pundit Chris Donnelly, who three weeks previously had predicted significant gains by the party in the local government elections. 

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