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Claire Simpson: Here's to women who refuse to stay quiet

Claire Simpson
Historian Mary Beard's wonderful book Women & Power begins with an attempt to explain, as she puts it, ”just how deeply embedded in Western culture are the mechanisms that silence women, that refuse to take them seriously".

Victory for families seeking truth about Glenanne Gang

The Court of Appeal ruling yesterday was a significant step forward for families determined to uncover the full truth about alleged state collusion in relation to the murderous activities of the notorious Glenanne Gang.

Jim Gibney: UDR must be held to account for Patsy Kelly murder

Long before the deadly word ‘collusion’ entered into the pubic vocabulary of the conflict; long before the importation of weapons from South Africa by British intelligence agents and loyalists, used to kill hundreds of Catholics in the north, and long before the Canadian Judge Peter Cory issued in 2004 his consummate definition of what collusion means, Teresa Kelly and her family experienced ‘collusion’ in all its grotesque forms.

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