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Alarm over sectarian attacks in Derry's Waterside

DERRY is a city where heartening agreements have been made over many years on contentious issues like parading and where a strongly positive example has regularly been given to Belfast and other urban centres in terms of community relations.

Anita Robinson: Nothing clever about Child Genius

Anita Robinson
I watched in fascinated horror last week a series that ran nightly, in which precociously intelligent 9-12 year-olds competed in fiendishly difficult rounds for the title 'child genius'.

Families of Jamie Burns and Darren McCann left devastated

A spate of sudden and unexplained deaths within a matter of days, as well as grim evidence heard by coroners during the same period, has again placed a firm spotlight on the threat presented by both illegal and prescription drugs.

Jarlath’s ‘two states, one system’ does not a republic make

Irish republicans should view with alarm the musings of Sinn Féin’s resident opinion-shaper Jarlath Kearney on the future trajectory of constitutional change in Ireland – ‘Dublin government’s Brexit stance no ‘back of the envelope’ job’ (August 9).

Harold Good's proposal merits serious attention

The proposal from the former Methodist moderator, Rev Harold Good, that a day of acknowledgment should be organised to reflect on the traumatic events of the last five decades has considerable potential.

Concepts surrounding ECT needs broad-based discussion

A taboo within a taboo. Mental illness, the broad overarching taboo, electroconvulsive treatment (ECT), a treatment in our part of the world known as the ‘letrick’ or shock treatment which by its very name, instilled fear.

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