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Newton Emerson: Opinions differ on opinion polls

Newton Emerson
ONE week after Prime Minister Theresa May compared two LucidTalk polls from last year to warn of growing support for a united Ireland, a poll by Queen's University Belfast has found strong support for the union - or weak support, if 'don't knows' are factored in.

Trumps new-found diplomacy must continue

Stephen Oreilly
IT is fair to say that the current president of the United States of America has been a divisive figure on the international stage since he took office in 2016.

Jeremy Corbyn's huge dilemma

Jeremy Corbyn plainly does not appeal to all sections of the party he leads, and has never pretended otherwise, but, as he demonstrated again during his visit to Belfast yesterday, he is a politician of rare gifts.

Jim Gibney: This is a time for action against Israel

Jim Gibney
IN its occupation of Palestine and in its inhumane treatment of the Palestinian people, the Israeli state is a blight on the democratic institutions of the world set up to protect people from old-style fascism perfected by Hitler or off-shoots of it that we saw in places like Chile and Cambodia.

Arlene Foster's major political risk

IT is worth pointing out that if the joint statement issued by the pro-EU parties at Stormont in advance of the latest key round of Brexit negotiations had been tabled as an Assembly motion, it would have won the endorsement of a clear majority of MLAs.

Israeli regime operating with impunity from international law

Given the latest atrocities carried out by forces of the Israeli state, when they executed yet more unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza, it may be worth remembering that the Zionist regime is not engaging in a new tactic but is merely expanding upon its existing policies.

We shouldn’t let world’s future be manipulated by the past

Since the beginning of the Palestinian Grand Return March on land day April 30, the world has looked on in horror as Israel has killed at least 109 Palestinians and injured thousands of unarmed Palestinians asking to return to their land and seeking to protect non-violently what little of their land is left.

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