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Sheer brutality of paramilitary attacks

The shocking attack near Ballymoney, Co Antrim, in which an 18-year-old boy was shot in each arm and leg was proof that loyalist paramilitary groups are capable of just as much brutality as their republican counterparts.

Huge praise due to Anto Finnegan

The `Run for Anto’ event which attracted over 1,000 people to west Belfast, including Dublin’s All Ireland winning manager Jim Gavin with the Sam Maguire Cup, was a heart-warming occasion.

Theresa May facing stark Brexit choices

The Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney was fully entitled in his weekend RTE interview to highlight the dangers involved in allowing the complex negotiations between the EU and the UK to be linked to a `green versus orange' argument in Ireland.

Pejorative language suggests particular animus against Israel

May I thank Antán Ó Dála an Rí for his excellent letter – ‘Adopting the usual Zionist position’ (September 14) – in which he implicitly confirms what I had written by being forced to resort to the well-known debating trick, so beloved of barristers, that “when you have no answer to your opponent’s arguments, disparage your opponent”.

Storm Ali brings tragedy with two people killed

Storm Ali proved particularly devastating yesterday, leaving a trail of destruction across Ireland and, most tragically, causing the deaths of two people, in Co Galway and Co Armagh.

Anger over Craigavon hospital theft

It is appalling that heartless thieves would be prepared to steal all four wheels from a nurse's car which was parked in the grounds of Craigavon area hospital in Co Armagh.

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