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WW1 victims drawn from all traditions

Yesterday was a solemn and emotional day in Ireland and across the world as those from all backgrounds marked the centenary of the armistice which took effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month and brought an end to the First World War.

Miracles are absurdities which can’t be verified by reason or evidence

In response to Sean Taggart (October 30), I must tell him that having researched the incident at Knock for many years I have long since arrived at the inescapable conclusion that a Church in deep crisis resorted to the lowest levels of deceit and trickery to dupe and fool its followers – and restore its shattered reputation and diminished authority among the local community.

DUP losing trust in Theresa May

The relationship between the DUP and the British government has been showing signs of crumbling in recent weeks but it is now clear that trust is breaking down as we edge closer to a Brexit deal.

Allison Morris: Drama brings home the reality of modern-day sex slaves

Allison Morris
THERE are distressing things most of us try not to think about, possibly because they are too upsetting or don’t particularly affect us. Until we realise that they do. They affect us all, whether just as citizens of this region, this island, the world in general.

Mixed messages from US elections

In typical fashion, Donald Trump claimed victory in the US mid-term elections, despite Republicans losing control of the House of Representatives.

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