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Religion and reason are at opposite ends of the spectrum

‘Do not seek answers, or surmise about behaviour... it was a tragedy beyond our understanding.’ These were the words spoken by Fr. Felim Kelly at the funeral of teacher Clodagh Hawe and her three sons who had just been butchered in a premeditated act of barbarity by their father.

Report shows why the UK must decommission Sellafield

The nuclear industry has tried to convince the public that the only lesson that can be learned from the radioactive incident at Fukushima is about the dangers of building nuclear sites near seismic fault lines. 

More train wrecks down the line if culture of arrogance continues

The scenes in Stormont last Monday have been described as a pantomime and they were but against that background I detected a desire to end the abuse of the assembly as a soap box for arrogant members who thought they could do what they wished with no consequences. 

More needs to be done to safeguard defenceless animals

The local community and I are absolutely disgusted at the cruelty demonstrated by the recent inhumane beating and drowning of three defenceless animals near Banbridge. We are horrified that there are individuals who can inflict such cruelty on defenceless animals. What sort of evil mindset do they have?

Gerry Adams denying a pathway to the truth

The incapability of Sinn Féin and in particular Gerry Adams to understand denying victims their pathway to truth and justice is not fit politics for government. At the age of 47 Brian Stack was leaving a boxing match when brutally shot in the back of the neck, left paralysed to die 18 months later, leaving behind a wife and three children.

Historical ecumenical progress has been ignored in Ireland

Regarding Pope Francis’s possible visit to Northern Ireland, the News Letter reports Presbyterian minister Rev Ian Brown of the Martyrs’ Memorial Church as stating because the Pope is ‘no closer to proclaiming the one true biblical gospel – that salvation is by faith alone through Christ alone’ than the Catholic Church of Martin Luther’s day. The only proper response to his high publicity visit is a solid protest. (Free Presbyterians ‘will protest’ Pope’s visit, November 29).

Sinn Féin has simply morphed into mirror-image of SDLP

Dale Moore (November 16) would do well to reflect that he knows not of anyone’s personal situation – least of all mine – before self-righteously lambasting that their stance on private healthcare means issues as those he mentions have no impact on their lives.

Well done Sinn Féin your supporters must be proud of you

Arlene Foster continues to deliberately ignore the democratic will of the people of the north preferring to acquiesce to English nationalism, putting up no objections on behalf of us and refusing to even to accept that we should have special status in relation to Brexit.

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