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The facts around suicide and detention orders

The recent media and political reports about the young pregnant mother detained under the Mental Health Act 2001 show a large lack of knowledge of what suicidal ideation is and how mental health law works around it.

DUP’s educational agenda excludes Protestant working classes

In an article ‘Can DUP honour faith of working- class loyalists?’ (June 15) Allison Morris made the point that the substantially increased DUP vote had been helped by the support that the party had received from the loyalist community where voter turnout was up, in some places to more than 70 per cent. 

More to headlong rush to a hard Brexit than meets the eye

Well, wasn’t that an interesting election? We now appear to have a Ulster Conservatives and Unionists – New Force (UCUNF) government at Westminster led by Theresa May, albeit with the DUP usurping the UUP’s role.

Uphill struggle for schools serving disadvantaged areas

Congratulations to all those schools who appeared in The Irish News Exam Performance List ( May 22) which ranks the top 30 grammar and top 50 non-grammar schools based on their examination results in 20015-16.

‘Reading history backwards’ is preferable to not reading it at all

Eamon Hanna’s letter (May 23) was as comical as it was ahistorical. He condemns Parnell for working with the deplorable Rhodes but ignores the fact that Redmond implored Irish men to fight for the empire that committed genocide and implemented separate development in Zimbabwe.

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