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Irish unity assessment deserving of drenching with ice-cold water

Seamus Mallon (May 17) gives encouragement and succour to the ‘never, never, never, no, no, no’ intransigent culture of unionism and adds to the long-fingered approach to Irish unity which has been the hallmark of many Irish politicians over the years – Conor Cruise O’Brien, Fitzgerald, Cooney and co – who on more than one occasion pleaded with the Brits not to desert us.

Nothing can be taken for granted anymore in changing Europe

B allyhackamore Cancer Focus Northern Ireland would like to thank people for their support during their recent collection in the area. The collection took place on Friday April 12 raising a total of £213.70 for the charity. Cancer Focus NI is a local charity fighting against cancer. All the money raised stays in Northern Ireland to benefit your local community.   ON Thursday Europeans are going to the polls to determine the future of the European Union. More than ever, it is up to us to take a stand to assume responsibility, and in the spirit of the European idea to support an open market, freedom, diversity, transparency, democracy and peace.

Need for rejuvenation among nationalists of fundamental ethos of Irish unity

A car bedecked with Sinn Féin posters and loudspeakers proclaiming in song, “we’re on the one road, maybe the wrong road, but we’re together now who cares”, seems a pretty apt reflection of the lack of strategic dynamism of that party, confounding political pundit Chris Donnelly, who three weeks previously had predicted significant gains by the party in the local government elections.