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Sinn Féin’s reckless attitude towards Good Friday Agreement

By resigning from the executive, in the knowledge that Sinn Féin did not intend to nominate a new deputy first minister, Martin McGuinness collapsed the political institutions set up to achieve peace in Northern Ireland and across these islands.

Abuse inquiry report provides solid platform for improvement

The publication of the final report of the Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA) marks the conclusion of the daunting task faced by Sir Anthony Hart and his panel who had to examine abuse at children’s residential institutions over 73 years since the foundation of Northern Ireland until the mid-1990s.

Best way of preserving life is to cherish all children equally

The ‘Trojan Horse’ used by pro-abortion groups to further their demands for abortion on demand is that it is unfair that pregnant mums should have to continue with pregnancies in which the child has been identified as ‘not fit for life’, in other words having a life-limiting condition.

United Ireland is never going to happen

The muddled thinking of people like Brian Patterson – ‘Republican antecedents irrelevant to issue of free speech’ (January 5) –is that their perception still takes them down the boreen to the unattainable path of a 32-county version of an Ireland ‘united’. It’s never going happen.

What is happening now in La La Land is beyond words

A large percentage of the population here take exception to the manner in which certain aspects of Protestant and unionist culture is celebrated, especially the commemoration of historical events.

Non-extremist parties should form a coalition

The extremist DUP/Sinn Féin ‘coalition’ has failed to provide good governance for Northern Ireland. I suggest that before the next assembly election on March 2 the SDLP, UUP, Alliance party and other non-extremist parties should form an agreed coalition and present their candidates for election as a formal pre-agreed single entity (an Alternative Governance Coalition).

‘Angloid’ jingoism gone mad

They say you can’t eat a flag, yet you can shove it down people’s throats. Since the Scottish independence referendum and the recent Brexit vote ‘angloid’ jingoism seems to have gone mad. The Union Jack seems everywhere, especially on foodstuff packaging. Supermarket chains make it difficult for those of us who, on principle, refuse to buy goods contaminated by the ‘butcher’s apron’.

Latest show of Sinn Féin petulance

The Sinn Féin strategy of every few years throwing their toy guns out of the pram, with baby-like tantrums accusing others of lack of respect, arrogance and blubbering about parity of esteem, shows just how politically correct they are, even when in government in Northern Ireland.

Like other movements feminism should be open to criticism

I wish to reply to Mrs Wilson (January 2) where she accuses me of a ‘misogynist streak’ and an ongoing ‘pop’ at female journalists and feminism. It would seem that this lady believes that females and feminism  have a privileged position and are beyond criticism while Newton Emerson and Brian Feeney are fair game given the number of ‘pops’ against them.

Republican antecedents irrelevant to issue of free speech

In the somewhat convoluted  penultimate paragraph of his most recent letter Robert Sullivan (December 16) avers that I would like to see people like him “not considered for publication” in The Irish News. I made no such suggestion, rather I expressed surprise that Robert should propound his views in this paper,  the majority of whose readers he clearly holds in contempt.

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