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Democracy and capitalism incompatible in present forms

The UK was taken into the Common/Single Market, European Economic Community (EEC), without a democratic choice being offered to the UK population. A couple of years later a referendum was held and the UK population chose democratically to remain in the Common Market.

Sectarianism can never be treated if not properly diagnosed

We can be reasonably sure that the muted cacophony of outrage following the intimidation of four Catholic families on the Ravenhill Road did not reach the Midland Hotel in Manchester and that the DUP did not raise the issue with their Tory friends when they addressed that conference.

Feeling let down by Sinn Féin

As a republican socialist I would like to thank the DUP’s Edwin Poots. The statement he made a few weeks ago helped me indirectly. He was commenting on the  inability of politicians at Stormont –because of the ‘sticking point’ of an Irish language act – to put a government together. 

Anti-EU assertions of empire and collapse are patent nonsense

Alex Kane – ‘Empires rise then fall–EU won’t be exception’ (September 29) – is wrong, misleads with anti-EU falsehoods and hides his true motivation in voting Leave. For Brexit Britain however, domination by a real empire will become a certainty.

Irish language act row betrays aims of Bobby Sands sacrifice

I am writing this on Sunday September 24, the day before the 100th anniversary of Thomas Ashe and in memory of that a commemoration has been held in Ballymurphy.  BBC2 today has also screened a documentary about Bobby Sands, his life and 66 days on hunger strike.

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