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Pejorative language suggests particular animus against Israel

May I thank Antán Ó Dála an Rí for his excellent letter – ‘Adopting the usual Zionist position’ (September 14) – in which he implicitly confirms what I had written by being forced to resort to the well-known debating trick, so beloved of barristers, that “when you have no answer to your opponent’s arguments, disparage your opponent”.

Those at the bottom will play for Sinn Féin’s lack of action

I read Colm Gildernew’s letter (August 21). He  linked the Civil Rights 50th anniversary to the recent hot topics of equality, the Irish language and the upcoming changes to electoral boundaries and ended with the words “we shall overcome if we continue to work for it”.

Are border powers really about protecting north from Russia?

Newton Emerson in his column ‘Nothing new in border buffer-zone proposal’ (August 16) dismisses the concerns of the Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) and others about the new proposed stop and question powers in a mile-long strip along the land border, and goes as far as to suggest its irresponsible to link them to Brexit.

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