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Tories can realise dreams by jettisoning north into a united Ireland

In the present debacle over Brexit, with the white paper still to be revealed and cabinet resignations abounding, I can’t help feeling that there is something that must be a thought on many Brexiteers’  hard and soft, minds but not being vocalised, at least in public.

DUP display ineptitude at making decisions for the good of all

The DUP casually sauntered into Downing street, last week, where the two main protagonists – Arlene Foster and second-in-command Nigel Dodds – indicated to the various media outlets that they were intent on demanding from the British prime minister that she quickly becomes involved in the political process for the purpose of ‘good governance and decision making’ in the north.

Vested interests in retaining selection and grammar system

In her inaugural statement on children’s rights in Northern Ireland, the Commissioner for Children and Young People, Koulla Yiasouma, comments: ‘We are failing to have the honest and open conversations that set aside vested interests and put all our young people at the centre of decision making.’

Is Palestinian Authority now complicit in the siege of Gaza?

While Israel recently murdered 132 unarmed men, women and children on the great right to return march, with more than 15,000 injured and as Egypt floods the tunnels – the lifelines of Gaza – and refuses to open the Rafa border crossing, we now have the Palestinian Authority (PA) using sound bombs, tear gas and arrests against Palestinians in the West Bank who were protesting in solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Caledon ‘squat’ was seed that fell on well-prepared Civil Rights ground

Seamus McKinney’s article (June 18) on the ‘trigger’ impact of the 1968 Caledon ‘Squat’ on the 1968 Civil Rights Campaign is a factual account of the incident, a rehearsal of a well told ‘story’ but the account misses the point that, to use a biblical analogy, the incident was only the ‘seed’ to fall on well-prepared ‘Civil Rights ground’ in the Dungannon area.

Governments should call for an end to Middle-East mayhem

ANDREW J Shaw (May 2) has added blinkers to his rose-tinted glasses in his perception of the horrific actions of the Israeli army on the edge of the open-air prison camp (as described by ex-UK prime minister David Cameron) that is Gaza.

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