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Union falls way below par on people’s list of importance

After the latest series of defeats suffered by the British prime minister in the House –  where her supposed partners-in-arms voted or abstained against all amendments to her propositions for leaving Europe – Theresa May without a hint or an utterance to those same partners turned and reached out to her nemesis in the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn to try and reach a consensus out of the quagmire she has landed herself in.

EU membership an integral element in GFA implementation

By the terms of the Good Friday Agreement any change in the status of Northern Ireland  would require “the consent of a majority of the people of Northern Ireland... freely given... without external impediment”.

Jobs wise let us make Derry the new Cork

Everyone in Derry will have heard the celebratory peal of bells when Invest NI announced in February that Terex, a multinational manufacturing company, is to anchor a plant in Derry.

Shooting the messenger is a much-favoured DUP tactic

When Sir Bob Salisbury told a committee of MPs at Westminister that it was an ‘enduring myth’ that Northern Ireland had one of the best education systems in Europe, Ian Paisley’s response was a totally predictable DUP response.

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