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Political leaders have every right to be concerned about border

Remarks attributed to Harold Wilson when he was British prime minister in 1963 ‘A week is a long time in politics’ could never be truer today as we listen to one idiot after another competing for air space to have their earth-shattering views on Brexit heard.

Heartening to see that right to life transcends all our differences

On October 6 in Derry’s Guildhall Square people from across the north, from diverse religious and political backgrounds and none, stood together, proudly celebrating the legacy of the Civil Rights movement, and asserting that without the right to life, all other rights are meaningless.

Time for world’s political leaders to show vision and leadership

In examining the future we must look to the past. As we watch the media today we are spoon fed more and more propaganda and fear of the unknown, that we should be afraid of the unknown and have full faith that our government is keeping us safe from the unknown.

Confusion still surrounds treatment of Bethany Home babies

IN RESPONSE to M Hayes – ‘Derogatory comments deliberately used to stir-up anti-Catholic hatred’ (September 11) – Protestant Churches have avoided legal responsibility for abuse, but this cannot be said for their moral responsibility.

Real mistake to think Brexit is main factor driving interest in united Ireland

So Alex Kane in his article – ‘Sinn Fein know there is nothing certain about a united Ireland’ (September 21) – believed the sixty something man who chuckled to him, ‘One thing is sure, Mr Kane, if we don’t get Irish unity when the odds seem so much in our favour, then it’ll be another generation before an opportunity as good as this one comes along’ with him was necessarily being serious, taking the aside hopefully to heart as meaning that should a united Ireland not materialise in the post-Brexit period then that, as unionists openly hope, would be that for a long, long time.

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