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Sinn Féin holds key to saving lives of future Irish-born babies

Bearing in mind the lack of any sense of partnership between the DUP and Sinn Féin just before the collapse of the Stormont Executive I suspect that there is little confidence n the republican/nationalist community that lessons have been learned by the DUP and that going back to Stormont will begin a new era of mutual respect and true partnership.

Time to stand up for human dignity and the rights of the unborn

The Ballymena Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, representing approximately 20,000 people, mainly in the Mid and East Antrim Area, want to voice our outrage at the prospect of an almost unregulated abortion regime being imposed on Northern Ireland as a result of legislation passed at Westminster.

Time to challenge those who want to chain us to flawed ideologies

Whenever the so-called ‘Hooded Men’ case comes back into the public spotlight, I can’t help but think about many others who were ‘hooded’ during our recent troubled past. They never had an opportunity to remove their hoods before being brutally executed, most often by the IRA.

There is no proper legal basis for passport checks by Translink

Newton Emerson (September 28) misses the point with his critique of the complaint submitted by CAJ to Translink over the facilitation of discriminatory passport checks on cross-border bus services by both Gardaí and UK immigration officers.

Arlene and Co are peripheral figures among Westminster chaos

The high jinks on display in the past few weeks in London SW1 has seen Boris Johnson – who as prime minister is considered ‘first among equals’ – treat the whole legislative assembly of the British parliament with contempt, misleading the British monarch in his attempt to stifle debate.