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Science can’t answer questions about non-existent entities

The principle of economy as adumbrated in Ockham’s Law (named after the Franciscan theologian and philosopher, the Bishop of Ockham) encourages us to disregard unnecessary assumptions and to accept the first “sufficient” explanation.

DUP would do anything to distance itself from anything Irish

As an Irish citizen who voted to remove Articles 2 and 3 from the Irish Constitution as required for the approval of the Good Friday Agreement, I feel a great sense of betrayal when I hear ‘Brexiteer politicians’ especially DUP politicians maintain that Brexit has no relevance to the agreement, when this is patently not the case.

Despite near-catastrophic damage May’s ship is still afloat

While the other 27 EU commanders sit with their arms crossed and legs akimbo, bemusedly observing the shenanigans going on in London, Capt Wobbly has been busy filling in the 432 shell holes in the wrecked hull of HMS Brexit with all-purpose exterior Polyfilla.

SDLP/FF partnership provides opportunity to put politics back together

While last month’s announcement that the SDLP and Fianna Fáil is to form a partnership may not have been the seismic fanfare some elements of the media were clamouring for, it is a rational and mature step forward in trying to sort out the mess that is our current politics in the north.

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