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Northern nationalists will never accept second-class status

Reading Robert Sullivan’s recent letter, ‘United Ireland is never going to happen’ (January 23), I was reminded of  words written by the late, great Irish News television critic Sean Breslin. Referring to a  prominent unionist politician he wryly commented: “His  use of the English language is refreshingly unorthodox.” 

With PR and transferable vote we can ‘shake up Stormont’

Too often unionist leaders have tried to tell my community that unionists can go it alone, that our role is to vote for them so that they are the biggest party and can dominate the nationalists, and look where it has got us – incompetent and wasteful government, almost literally burning money under RHI while our schools and hospitals are starved of cash.

Political unionism has no desire to enter genuine partnership

It is there now for all of us to see. That political unionism in the form of the DUP and, I suggest, the UUP as well, have no desire to enter into genuine partnership with those of us who come from the nationalist tradition in the north. 

Ignorance of US law over Trump and immigration

The attacks on Trump by the British establishment and others shows complete ignorance of US law. The McCarran-Walter Act of 1952 (established under President Truman), the Immigration and Nationality Act has been used well before President Trump ever used it.

Dissolving the union would greatly simplify legal nightmare

During the Cold War Kremlin-watching was a favoured past-time and each May Day parade would be minutely analysed to see who was standing closest to the Soviet leader, who was missing from the frame and what the body language revealed about their relationship with each other.

Sinn Féin’s reckless attitude towards Good Friday Agreement

By resigning from the executive, in the knowledge that Sinn Féin did not intend to nominate a new deputy first minister, Martin McGuinness collapsed the political institutions set up to achieve peace in Northern Ireland and across these islands.

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