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Inclusivity of nationalists is a relatively new thing in Sinn Féin

It is with some scepticism that I heard Michelle O’Neill and Conor Murphy have both announced their support for the letter in The Irish News (December 4) addressed to the taoiseach from the nationalist people in Northern Ireland requesting that the Irish government look after their needs

Request for rethink on Brexit is not an unreasonable ask

There was something profoundly depressing on BBC Talkback (January 4), to hear the Brexiteers one after one attack Tony Blair for, as they perceived it, daring to thwart the ‘will of the people’ by suggesting it might be a good idea to think again on Brexit in 2018 before it’s too late. 

People of Northern Ireland did not vote for current impasse

As we enter 2018 with no resolution to the dispute between Sinn Féin and the DUP in respect of re-establishing a power-sharing executive at Stormont perhaps it is time to reflect on what is really needed to allow the people on this part of the island of Ireland to achieve economic, cultural and social fulfilment. One suspects that these issues are much too important to be left to the current batch of politicians. 

A Brextremely scrumptious recipe for cold turkey soup

At this time of year, we all know the country is awash with scrumptious recipes on what to do with that highly EU-subsidised leftover Christmas turkey, (especially the brown meat reality of looming Brexit disaster). 

Awareness raising is key to protection of children and young people

Christmas is usually a happy time for children and families.  However, for a small number of girls in our society the holidays present a time of vulnerability and greater risk of harm with the threat of being taken abroad to undergo female genital mutilation. (FGM). 

Capitalist view of Christmas will gain Anita many admirers

On the day Anita Robinson article – ‘Stop giving capitalist Santa chimney space’ (December 12) –  a school friend visited with his Italian wife both work fitting prosthetics and travel throughout Europe where the festive season is celebrated but generally don’t go ‘Santa doolally.

Ireland should capitalise on good will emanating from EU

There you go,  Brexit is sorted – no real borders in Ireland or on the Irish sea, nationalists, unionists, Dublin and London are all satisfied with the EU deal and we’re all going to live happily ever after in a pan European utopia

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