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There is room for ‘middle-ground’ politics in Northern Ireland

Alex Kane and I have agreed on many things over the years and in particular I think we both believe that the best future for Northern Ireland is within an inclusive United Kingdom that promotes a sense of interdependence among its people and with good relations north/south and east/west.

Brutality inflicted on republican prisoners should be condemned

Let me correct Manus McDaid (October 27). Nowhere in my letter did I say that I attended a function held by Sinn Féin sponsored Coiste Na Niarrchimi and the reason why I would not attend is exactly why I can be confident that those who did would be largely supportive of Sinn Féin.

Unionists have great difficult accepting the term Scots-Irish

Having watched BBC and its trek across half the world in search of Ulster-Scots heritage it made me wonder how the previous executive could cut a paltry sum for children to attend the Gaeltacht and then find money for 14 films on the above mentioned ‘heritage’. 

Time running out to get transformational idea on agenda of Brexit talks

You would think that if there was a way for Northern Ireland to use Brexit to double the size of our economy within five years and then use that prosperity to transform our whole way of life – including our politics – that the media would want to know all about it and our politicians would be all over it?

The downward path to a Balkans disaster must be avoided

It is frequently said that when there is a political vacuum there is a real danger it will be filled by people who will go to the ends of the earth to achieve control and power over people’s lives [and deaths] at any cost. 

Provenance of Londonderry Air/Danny Boy not via Limavady

In James McIlhatton’s  attempt to politicise the use of music in support of Limavady’s use of Londonderry on their welcome sign – ‘Limavady can wear both titles with pride’ (October 13) – could I point out some details that are factually incorrect. 

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