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DUP has no interest in research that questions its right-wing ideology

Brian Feeney  – ‘Some unionists have blind spot for political opinions of academics’ (November 6) – points out that any opinions expressed by academics that question the union or talk about Irish unification are ‘vehemently’ objected to and the reputations of those academics vilified.

‘Citizens Assembly’ has no right to interfere with north’s constitution

In recent times there has been a number newspaper  articles continuing headlines regarding the unification of Ireland, including that relating to a letter containing 1,000 signatures, as published in The Irish News and The Irish Times  (November 4), from an elitist group calling itself ‘Ireland’s future’.

Aontú offers republicans an alternative grassroots representation

We now know that the British parliament’s imposition, requested by Sinn Féin and the SDLP leader has become law in Northern Ireland and a great many of our people will know the consequences of this. It is undoubtedly true that the pro-abortion lobby has scored a significant victory in their terms in achieving this result.