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Nature of repentance and forgiveness in ‘eye of the beholder’

I’m sitting at my favourite table end in the kitchen where I eat, read, receive visitors, pontificate and occasionally doze. In the background I can hear TV voices chuntering on about the year’s biggest story so far, but I’ve tuned out having had my fill from wall-to-wall radio coverage all day long. Yes, Martin has indeed passed but not unnoticed.

Another chance for unionism to positively shape the future

In A Long Peace? The Future of Unionism in Northern Ireland, which I co-authored with Mick Fealty and David Steven in 2003, we concluded that for the union to survive it required ‘a firmer, bolder, more far sighted unionism’ and that people must want the union.

Socio-economic status good predictor of academic achievement

A recent report by a policy group run by the Department of Education has criticised the impact of academic selection which it said concentrated, ‘lower achieving pupils, often from socially deprived areas, into small groups of 11 to 16 schools’. 

Changing north’s abortion laws would be a retrograde move

I’m writing in response to  Grainne Teggart (February 27) who in writing about abortion states “people from all political backgrounds want to see reform of our laws and agree with Amnesty that abortion should be decriminalised for all women”.

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