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GFA clearly states there can be no change to constitutional position

In the mid-1990s I suggested to a young, republican prisoner that the book Ten Men Dead would be good for him to read and to my astonishment he made the remark – which I am sure that he later came to rue – “Why would I want to read that, that’s history?”

Disappointed unions failed to condemn threatening behaviour

As a NIPSA member I am extremely disappointed that neither NIPSA nor NIC-ICTU have seen fit to issue a condemnation of the recent threatening behaviour directed at Belfast City Council staff employed at Avoniel Leisure Centre and also the threat posed to contractors engaged in the removal of the illegal bonfire.

Action needed to address systemic challenges facing schools

I would like to pay tribute to the dedication and professionalism of principals, teachers and boards of governors of our controlled schools, who together strive to provide high quality education for the 143,669 pupils who walk through their doors every day and help them to meet their potential.

Knowledge of nature also helps in acquiring knowledge of God as creator

Thomas Hardy (May 31) is absolutely correct that a strong faith in Jesus Christ and his teaching in the scriptures, together with fervent prayer and love of neighbour, as expressed in works of charity, are far more important than all scientific knowledge, which is confirmed to mature and finite space time realities.

It seems time has come for unionism to eat some humble pie

Jeffrey Donaldson’s request on – Morning Ireland (June 14) – that the Irish government engage is very interesting indeed with some level of irony attached. He should know that the Irish government cannot conduct negotiations on strict Brexit terms without going through the EU.

Long tail of underachievement is not really being tackled

Ulster Teachers’ Union general secretary Jacquie White has urged  a rethink to the attitude around children’s transition to post-primary education and she has made it clear that a single transfer test is not the answer (June 14). 

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