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Governments should call for an end to Middle-East mayhem

ANDREW J Shaw (May 2) has added blinkers to his rose-tinted glasses in his perception of the horrific actions of the Israeli army on the edge of the open-air prison camp (as described by ex-UK prime minister David Cameron) that is Gaza.

Hard to find sympathy for a Church displaced from its faithful

The reaction of some Catholic clergy to the result of the referendum serves as a reminder of how the power the Church once wielded was used to fan the flames of the Inquisition and guide the Conquistadores as they slaughtered the native Americans.

Concentrations of poverty in schools doing untold damage

In total more than 15,500 school days were lost for pupils as a result of 6,805 suspensions issued during 2016-2017 academic year according to an analysis by The Detail of suspension and expulsion figures obtained in response to a freedom of information request.

Alban’s fantasies are incompatible with the historical facts

Alban Maginness (May 17), will tell his grandchildren that the SDLP were unique in Irish politics, changed the face of politics throughout Ireland, and since its formation in 1970 they steered the history of this island as the most successful party since partition.

Vulnerable pupils will fall through cracks in new ‘super school’

I write in relation to the article by Simon Doyle (May 14) regarding the amalgamation of four schools in the Downpatrick area (St Mary’s High School, De La Salle College, St  Patrick’s Grammar and St Columba’s High School, Portaferry) deemed ‘the right thing to do’.

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