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Jarlath’s ‘two states, one system’ does not a republic make

Irish republicans should view with alarm the musings of Sinn Féin’s resident opinion-shaper Jarlath Kearney on the future trajectory of constitutional change in Ireland – ‘Dublin government’s Brexit stance no ‘back of the envelope’ job’ (August 9).

Concepts surrounding ECT needs broad-based discussion

A taboo within a taboo. Mental illness, the broad overarching taboo, electroconvulsive treatment (ECT), a treatment in our part of the world known as the ‘letrick’ or shock treatment which by its very name, instilled fear.

Irish government right to tell Brexiteers to sort out EU mess

I am not a historian and as a pacifist wouldn’t want to get into a debate on the balance of power theory that suggests national security is enhanced when military capability is distributed so that no one state is strong enough to dominate all others. 

Former diplomat’s claims about support for ‘Irexit’ are fanciful

Former Irish ambassador to Canada Ray Bassett, supported by DUP colonial Brexit fantasists, proposes Irexit in Policy Exchange, a right-wing outfit one of whose leading lights is Michael Gove who actively campaigned for Leave and who opposes the Good Friday Agreement.

Letters to the Editor: Outrage at Belfast Pride

All of the noise and colour of this weekend’s parade in Belfast cannot disguise the fact that the event is a celebration of immorality, bringing shame and disgrace to our capital city.

Irish Language Act wouldn’t pose a threat to other cultures

In his recent address to the McGill Summer School in Donegal the DUP’s Edwin Poots spoke openly and at times positively about the Irish Language, saying “anyone who speaks and loves the Irish language is as much a part of Northern Ireland life as a collarette-wearing Orangeman”.

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