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EU pushing UK towards a Hobson’s Choice of bad deal or no deal

We Irish, unionist and nationalist are living in interesting times. The Brexit debacle has reinvigorated the drive for national unity and at the same time shaken the confidence of die hard Angloids who only take their heads out of the sand long enough to deny the obvious.

Jesus asked followers to commemorate His death not His birth

Fr Patrick McCafferty writes (November 23) about the suitability of December 25 to celebrate the nativity of Jesus/Yeshua, and I am aware of some reasons why this particular date was chosen some three centuries after the event, including the convergence/confusion with Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights or Feast of Dedication that Yeshua attended in Jerusalem in John 10:22 (‘Hanukkah’ means ‘dedication’ in Hebrew). 

Support of motion on abortion lack of good judgment by SF

The recent statement by Sinn Féin’s Michelle O’Neill that she would support a party motion that countenanced abortion, will upset many conscientious individuals within the rank and file of Arthur Griffith’s once noble party.

Paradise Papers show need for public reporting on tax

The revelations contained in the recent Paradise Papers leaks have reiterated the value of public transparency in identifying aggressive tax avoidance – and the need for reform to end these abuses once and for all. The veil of secrecy that exits in the world of global finance benefits no-one but tax dodgers.

Social issues taking priority for Sinn Féin over reuniting nation

At the time of writing Sinn Féin are preparing for their Árd Fhéis. The issue of the possible repeal of the 8th Amendment, thus taking away the protection of the lives of both mothers and babies during pregnancy, was due to be a very big part of their deliberations.

Jesus’s appointed time of arrival didn’t happen on ‘any old day’

I would like to respond to Fr Patrick McCafferty ‘Date of Lord’s birth doesn’t particularly matter’ (October 23) who makes the case that December 25 “is as good a day as any to do so” and that in his view “every day of the year is a birthday of Jesus Christ”.

There is room for ‘middle-ground’ politics in Northern Ireland

Alex Kane and I have agreed on many things over the years and in particular I think we both believe that the best future for Northern Ireland is within an inclusive United Kingdom that promotes a sense of interdependence among its people and with good relations north/south and east/west.

Brutality inflicted on republican prisoners should be condemned

Let me correct Manus McDaid (October 27). Nowhere in my letter did I say that I attended a function held by Sinn Féin sponsored Coiste Na Niarrchimi and the reason why I would not attend is exactly why I can be confident that those who did would be largely supportive of Sinn Féin.

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