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Gerry Adams and Michell O'Neill acting as recruiters for unionists

I can’t help feeling during this past few weeks that the two unionist parties do not need to do any canvassing for June 8. Mr Adams and Ms O’Neill have ensured that the level of anger among previously apathetic Protestant non voters is unprecedented.

Informers didn’t save lives during major Troubles’ atrocities

Former deputy constable and former Special Branch officer Alan McQuillan claimed intelligence agents saved the lives of ‘literally thousands’. This claim is not backed up from the investigations into many of the major atrocities during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Troubled people of Palestine need our voices and our help

On Monday April 17 more than 1,000 Palestinian political prisoners began a hunger strike in an effort to both highlight and combat the continuing inhumane treatment they receive at the bloodied hands of the Israeli regime. They were joined by hundreds of Palestinian citizens, including the mothers of some internees.

Gulf between science and religion requires urgent attention

During the past decade The Irish News has very kindly published several of my letters claiming that original sin with the fall did not happen in space time on earth (Garden of Eden) but is a transcendental catastrophe which embraces the whole universe.

When casting stones do so with clean hands

I don’t want to be an apologist for, or play down the profoundly disturbing revelations regarding the discovery of the significant quantities of human remains of infants allegedly dumped in a mass grave at the Tuam site in Co Galway.

Give children here the same protection from assault as adults

Election season is upon us once again in Northern Ireland. As ever our children – almost a quarter of the population – do not have the right to vote in the upcoming polls but, more surprisingly, they also do not enjoy the same protection as adults under the law.

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