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Retrospective attempt to justify imperial might over right

Finally bowing to public opinion the minister for justice Mr Charlie Flanagan, has deferred the planned commemoration of the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) and the Dublin Metropolitan Police (DMP), who were killed in action during the period of the Irish War of Independence.

The new year does not start at midnight according to the Bible

My twin brother and I share a joint birthday on New Year’s Eve and when we were younger we felt it was a good day to celebrate a birthday with the general party atmosphere almost everywhere, although it is one of the most expensively priced up nights of the year to do so.

Fr McCafferty should be realistic on abortion as on contraception

Fr McCafferty cites in support of his anti-abortion views an article “on the website of the Royal Society of Medicine” (December 2) dated October 2007 by Sam Rowlands, it concludes: “Human behaviour being what it is… there will always be non-use of contraception, mishaps when using contraception, and requests for abortion.