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Irish language act row betrays aims of Bobby Sands sacrifice

I am writing this on Sunday September 24, the day before the 100th anniversary of Thomas Ashe and in memory of that a commemoration has been held in Ballymurphy.  BBC2 today has also screened a documentary about Bobby Sands, his life and 66 days on hunger strike.

Key aim of Good Friday Agreement well and truly sidelined

Whatever the legal interpretations of the Good Friday Agreement and its different strands there was a clear understanding that the three relationships – between people in the north, between north and south and between Ireland and Britain – was in urgent need of remedial action.

Sinn Féin not treating Protestants equally

Protestants are not being given respect and are not being treated equally by Sinn Féin. Sinn Féin wants to make Protestants feel like foreigners in their own country.

Flags still flying

Schools are back after the long summer holidays and union flags which went up on all electricity and telephone poles before they closed in June are still flying defiantly in Fermanagh.

Shame on those who vote along sectarian lines

The ongoing cancer of sectarianism that blights our communities can be seen most clearly in the divergent needs of both communities in north Belfast which is arguably the cockpit of conflict in our fractured society.

Should Mensa challenge other world organisations?

It makes for a fascinating headline: ‘Mensa challenges Bulgaria’s MP candidates to take IQ tests – and only four out of more than 4000 agree’, The Sofia Globe (March 11) in Bulgaria. 

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