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Israeli regime operating with impunity from international law

Given the latest atrocities carried out by forces of the Israeli state, when they executed yet more unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza, it may be worth remembering that the Zionist regime is not engaging in a new tactic but is merely expanding upon its existing policies.

We shouldn’t let world’s future be manipulated by the past

Since the beginning of the Palestinian Grand Return March on land day April 30, the world has looked on in horror as Israel has killed at least 109 Palestinians and injured thousands of unarmed Palestinians asking to return to their land and seeking to protect non-violently what little of their land is left.

Chided for holding to guiding compass of republican credo

New Sinn Féin’s (NSF’s) chief Derry cheerleader Manus McDaid’s recent reply to my earlier letter (April 30) urging me “to take note” for “being strong on looking back” was akin to the political comparison of “being savaged by a dead sheep”.

Calling Mass ‘evil’ further aggravates anti-Catholic attitudes

I was not at all surprised to read the article (April 28) that Wallace Thompson obviously considered it worth while to defend the absolute contempt expressed by Free Presbyterian clergyman Peter McIntyre, in his Ulster Bulwark article describing the Catholic Mass as evil.

Latest example of anti-Catholic strategy is deeply offensive

Since 1920,  whenever it appeared that Catholics in Northern Ireland might be making a little progress – or being seen as getting uppity – right-wing fundamentalists were magically produced to preach odious anti-Catholic bigotry.

Unresolved problems of GFA persist and require our attention

Manus McDaid’s letter – GFA a chance to move this situation forward (April 12) – did not address any of the legitimate concerns that I raised in my previous letter (April 2). Manus fails to realise that if these issues had been addressed in a satisfactory manner then I would not be in a position to highlight them.