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MPs spotted Civil Rights ‘bandwagon’ in 1968 and scrambled aboard

In June The Irish News published my letter making the point that the Caledon ‘squat’ by Austin Currie, was a seed that fell on ‘well prepared ‘Civil Rights’ ground in the Dungannon area. Ground readied by the Dungannon Homeless Citizen’s League, Dr Con McCluskey, his wife  Patricia, the Campaign for Social Justice, Austin Currie and the independent councillors, who supported the McCluskeys.

The DUP is making the best case for a united Ireland

Overall, the letter posted by Denis Mayne (August 3) read as a reasonable assessment of the DUP’s lack of strategic political thinking, but its reasonable tone was in my opinion threatened by one phrase ‘dragged into a united Ireland completely unprepared’, as if a united Ireland would be the worst thing in the world – which of course is not  the case unless viewed from a completely pro-UK ideological stance, with no regard to the economy, peace, etcetera.

Genocide analogy should have been directed at British army

Trevor Ringland had the audacity to accuse Irish republicans of perpetrating violent crimes and promoting a murderous ideology while he clearly had no problems with the violent crimes committed by the British army and the Royal Ulster Constabulary or their murderous ideologies.

Catholic Church should listened to rapidly declining adherents

It seems ironic that J Diamond (July 23) regrets that we live in a world where no-one now takes responsibility for their actions, yet he refuses to accept that the actions of his Church were the most influential factor in voter’s decision in recent referendum. 

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