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Perfect illustration of international word of the year, ‘post truth’

Danny Treacy (March 17) indicates that he is well informed regarding the 1930s and the relationship between Hitler and Pope Pius XI. I quote his paragraph in full to enable your readers to make their own judgment if he was telling the truth, the whole truth, or anything but the truth.

Unionist politicians muted when the terror gangs are loyalist

It is 20 odd years since the IRA declared a total cessation of military activity; several months later the Combined Loyalist Military Command also declared a ceasefire. However, their ceasefire was conditional and dependant on republicans behaving, as these loyalists portrayed themselves as the defenders of Ulster.

Nature of repentance and forgiveness in ‘eye of the beholder’

I’m sitting at my favourite table end in the kitchen where I eat, read, receive visitors, pontificate and occasionally doze. In the background I can hear TV voices chuntering on about the year’s biggest story so far, but I’ve tuned out having had my fill from wall-to-wall radio coverage all day long. Yes, Martin has indeed passed but not unnoticed.

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