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DUP has own understanding of what is meant by democracy

As this Brexit disaster limps towards the final conclusion the DUP’s moment in the sun with its confidence and supply deal, may be about to come to an end, possibly with a no deal crash or, more likely, by a climbdown and vote for the deal on offer. 

British Empire appears to be going back to the Dark Ages

My goodness, the empire has lost its crown. The British Empire – comprised of dominions, colonies, protectorates, mandates and other territories – appears to be going back to the Dark Ages when it was common place to dig up the roads left by the Romans and leave nothing in their place. 

Regardless how Brexit plays out the GFA remains sacrosanct

Theresa May has been on a whirlwind trip visiting regions of the union in an effort to sell her Brexit deal, however, this charm offensive appears to be futile as it looks increasingly unlikely that it will survive the wrath from her own MPs.

The dismissing voices of DUP guilty of the ultimate betrayal

After the beginning of the Troubles, which is widely accepted to have started in August 1969, a deathly calm descended onto the streets of the north when at the behest of the unionist leader of the time, James Chichester Clarke, the British Army was deployed to restore order ‘and assert the authority of the British government’.

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