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Politicians and commentators continue to stoke old hatreds

As I left the launch of the commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the Northern Ireland civil rights movement, I felt considerable sadness at all the opportunities that were missed and the mistakes that were made, as our society would go on to become embroiled in an unnecessary conflict.

British media should stop talking about Irish border

I wish the British press would stop referring to the border through our country as the Irish border. Headlines like ‘Irish border could derail Brexit’ or ‘Irish border is being used to frustrate democracy and the will of the British voter’.

Don’t allow Derry to be further depopulated

A schism is a bitter near irreconcilable dispute between two groups lasting a long time. But Stormonts MLA schism must not impede an offensive by Derry’s seven parliamentarians, five MLAs, MP Elisha McCallion and Derry-based MEP Martina Anderson from helping get properly paid overseas jobs into Derry.

EU serves as important catalyst for breaking down borders

Recent debates on Brexit, often boring and repetitive, have occupied the minds of many people, some intellectually gifted, others with at least a basic knowledge of the world and economics but far too many engaging in old-fashioned partitionist politics that fly in the face of a progressive and modern world free from borders that prevent the movement of goods, services, and above all actively promote stability and peace.

Social segregation is made worse by so-called academic selection

Congratulations to all those schools who appeared in the Irish News Exam Performance list (February 19) which ranks the top 30 grammar and top 50 non-grammar schools based on their examination results in 2016- 2017. Well done to all those pupils, their parents and their schools.

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